What does this mean?!

Hi, this is my first post on the site and just wondered if someone could help me out.

What is the Herbett Lott Trust Fund Award?? And what do you get if you are nominated for it??

Any help much appreciated!
Thanks for that clanky! Will have a good read through!!

My other half's squadron have been nominated and i saw "trust fund" and got excited at the prospect of extra money coming his way but am maybe wrong in that hope?!?


War Hero
The Herbett Lott award is a cash award for someone inventing something or finding a way for the MOD to save money, rumour has it the bloke who thought up the ski ramp on the front of aircraft carriers won it.

I won it once..I sh1t you not....Dont ask me what for I haven't got a clue, I immidiatley took myself ashore and p1ssed it up the wall so they couldn't take it back.

I wouldn't get to excited, it was only £30. :dwarf:
Lol @ Blobby. His flight have been nominated for "marked efficiency" or something to that effect!

Am pretty proud of him though, lets see if they actually get it or not!

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