What does the Terrorist Check cover?

I've just passed the PJFT and I am aware of the background check that is done on me and my family once I get to that point, does anyone have any idea what they check for? I'm curious as my Dad, Uncle and Granddad all have light Criminal Records.
I could have sworn the background check is to do with terrorism or something? what're they going to check exactly?

Also, I was told that I could be asked what sort of ship I want to serve on, I would very much like to be on a Patrol Boat but obviously I will be sent where I'm needed. If this doesn't come up in the interview, is it possible to request a posting onto a specific type of boat?

Thank you!


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The security clearance includes a counter terrorist check.

Unless members of your family have directly influenced or involved you in their nefarious deeds, it will not affect your suitability for service.

I served on HMS Southampton with the son of Bruce Reynolds, one of the Great Train Robbers. (He's played in bands with Gilmour from Pink Floyd etc.)

The checks include your financial & criminal record together with any recorded links and associations with career criminals and/or extremist organisations.
This sort of relates to me as my father was given up and fostered when he was younger and never met his biological family.(he does not keep in touch with his fostered family either) I have no idea who they maybe and not sure if something may come up or not.
I knew a Malayan Tiff serving in the RN who's family were all Communist fighters 'back home'.

Last time I heard of him he was on a bomber!!

(Yellow Bruce if anyone else remembers him!)
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