What does "released to shore in Class A" mean?

Hi, could anyone help with an RN-related question? My father was "released to
shore in class A" at the end of WW2. What does this mean? Does it relate to his
state of health or to his prior conduct. Any help in translating this Navy-speak would be greatly appreciated.


Graham Rand


Lantern Swinger
Hello Graham,

Class A release meant that individuals were being released to Shore or from the Forces under the Plan for Re-allocation of Manpower in the period after the defeat of Germany and before the defeat of Japan. Individuals released under this order were still subject to recall to Naval Service in an emergency until the defeat of Japan.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks Sweetpea and Topstop. All is now clear. I had originally thought that it referred to my Father's state of health, which ironically was very poor due to TB when he left the service.

Thanks again



Lantern Swinger
Graham, It has been a pleasure to be able to assist you.

Actually, I came across a copy of the Class A Release Form online (see below), your father would have received the same.

I do hope that your father recovered from TB.

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