What does it mean for the RN?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. This is in the news:

    Devonport Dockyard

    Apparently the MOD may withdraw it's contracts from the Dockyard's owners.

    Haliburton are involved in some sort of share flotation.

    Can anyone offer intelligent comment/interpretation?
  2. From the FT

    Britain has made a last-minute demand that Halliburton withdraw the imminent flotation of its KBR subsidiary or face being stripped of its ownership of the Devonport naval shipyard.

    MOD are not suggesting the closure of Devonport, rather they are pointing out that the companies ability to operate the yard will be removed if they do something the customer does not like. I fee certain a new operator could be found without toomuch bother.

    Quite clearly the way Haliburton is promoting the sale has point MODs nose out of joint.

    I do think this will affect the Halliburton sharehilders. What they have to sell is no longer as valuable

  3. Sums it up quite well.

    Can't close Guz Yard at the same time as Pompey Base.
  4. Compared to the early 70s the yard is empty , yes I know the fleet is vastly differant now , I was in the St Budeaux workies tonight , fxxxxxxxxxg dead , in the 70s jam packed , theres is now no Matelots or Dockyard Maties enmass , South Yard is be'ing returned to the civilian side of life , some one said on here a couple of weeks ago that we will end up with a coastel defence force , god forbid , but it's on the horizon , I can't see the new super Carrier ever be'ing built , hold my breath , :x
  7. It was reported in yesterday's FT that Halliburton have called the MODs bluff and are going ahead with the sale. It is difficult to envisage the Blair government acting in the strategic interest based upon past precident: after all if you can allow vitally strategic assets such as dockyards and the water and energy supply to be foreign owned, and almost agree to prevent governments from taking back control of vital industries (which HMG almost agreed to in 1997, but for the actions of a sharp witted civil servant) it is difficult to see how the government is going to practice its threat. Halliburton still have powerful friends in Congress and can lobby against British commercial interests in the US. Is the MOD really going to take that kind of risk? Their position must be to wait and see who buys the majority shareholding. If they had any sense, the Treasury would buy it back in Britain's stragic interests - mind you on past precident, that would probably be a prelude to closure!
  8. Why are naval dockyards in the hands of private companies?

    Does this not strike anyone else as stupid? :?
  9. It is stupid Dunkers! I think it's what Thatcher used to call the 'primacy of the market'...
  10. It could be argued that the refit capability could be done by BAeS Barrow. Suitable shiplift, nuclear registered site, no long trips the length of the country to Sellafield, plenty of room in the DDH shed once this batch of A boats is pushed out. Concentrates all relevant build and support effort in the one place (two if you count RR).
  11. But where would the cost savings be ? Certainly not to the taxpayer.
    I worked for BAe in Saudi Arabia in 80/90s on Supply support, and their costings for this support (which were, at that time, uplifted by 27.5 % on top of the 'cost' price) were not really cheap to say the least.
    The yards, or anything at all that is a military concern, should be in the hands of the military, who would not be swayed by profits - you only have to look at the US supply system to see just how much profit is made there by the companies - anyone remember the torch that supposedly cost hundreds of dollars?
    There was a lot of trouble a few years ago with problems on maintenance of frontline strike aircraft that were, allegedly, maintained by a 'reputable' company, I wonder if they ever sorted that out to anyone's satisfaction.
  12. If I remember rightly, S Pepys Esq had the Royal Dockyards instituted under Naval control to stamp out the revenue creaming that was rife in private commerce.

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