What does he deserve?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by ahal89, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Howfen_lad has took me out for a few drinks being a good lad as he is ;) but what should he get in return... Best answer wins a drink from me and him if he likes
    It! ;) mwahaha! Xxx
  2. two and a half weetabix.
  3. All night in?.....:-D
  4. I'd say it qualifies him to take you out for a few more drinks.
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  5. Some Galloways pies be reet.
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  6. chlamydia and 216 CSA payments?
  7. hahahahahaha!!

    Well i like Weetabix, i love pies, she doesn't have any infections (i hope) and the all night in has passed, so looks like its more drinks next week...Can't wait...

    She's certainly worth the drinks, if not much more....The sexy little minx.
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  8. So true! haha

    As always :D haha.... treat that would be....

    Coming from experience?

    I love pies more i think you'll find! Your only from Bolton!! I somehow knew infections would get brought up... lmao... Yes roll on next week, and thanks :p haha I'll take your word for it
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  9. Yeah i love pies to, something about licking the inside of a warm soft outer that has a moist and tasty inner...mmmmmmmm...
  10. Pahahahahhahaha!! I'll leave you to it then shall i Howfen_lad.... I could say something more but, i shall refrain :D
  11. Treat him to a night out at Stillettos Lap Dancing Bar, buy him a kebab,
    pay for the taxi home, and have a couple of hours of fun and frolics with
    a video camera. The internet needs some new stuff - I've seen everything
    that's on it already.

    Yours Hopefully,


    X X X X X X
  12. Oh aye, wins it for me!!

  13. Anal.......
  14. I asked, all i got was a cute little smile and a giggle....so yes 2DD i am with you, she should take it hard up the poo shoot.
  15. I was actually thinking that she should stretch your balloon knot into new and exciting shapes with a giant strap on black mamba.
  16. :laughing2:

    Well well well, along as she knows to except the same treatment, i'm game.
  17. Well, this is going to end in tears.

    And court.

  18. That's the plan.
  19. Are there any phots floating around of this girl yet?

    She has a pretty chin.

    I like chins.
  20. The chins nice, but nothing compared to the rest, that avatar is all a big deceive, she has much larger boobs than it appears, and, and, and.... no I'll leave it there.....;-)

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