What does everyone think about the RN filling 'gaps'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ollie123, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. In other sectors of the armed forces in Afghanistan.

    Does anyone know of any branches in particular who this has happened to?
  2. Ollie you don't have to look back THAT far to find that the RN has been "pulling its weight". Where do you think the Field Gun competition actually came from?
  3. That's why we're the Senior Service. We've been filling Gaps all over world and at home for years. Just don't get to hear about it that often.

    We even fill gaps in the emergency services remember the fireman strike?

    With the gulf kicking off and the strike back in 2002/2003 our 40 man fish boat went down to 28 at one point 2 from being stopped from going to sea.

    Life in a blue every body gets on with it even if they do moan lol

  4. http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htatrit/articles/20080818.aspx

    Looks like Loggies, Stokers (vehicle maintenance) and even MCD (roadside bombs)

    No big deal really... ^_^;
  5. I wonder if the Crabs will join in - probably not, it's all a bit too military-like for them.
  6. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hate to burst your bubble, but in purple/joint and expeditionary roles (all except teeth arms) we are dwarfed by the input of the RAF.

    This is more about the RN developing and filling in gaps that the other services routinely would fill but can't because of tempo.

    That said, there is no reason why we shouldn't!
  7. Do the RAF fill gaps out of branch? As i know ME's are filling VM roles, a WE doing an optical sight repair role. And any branch filling driving roles. Not trying to start an argument just intrested thats all.
  8. I believe that Commando Logistics Regiment RM, have got some matelots in a force protection role.
  9. Sparkers have been fronting it with the army since WWII and still do [currently 148 Bty].
    I was on parade with the resident Para Battalion in the early '60's in Bahrain on their regimental day and on the saluting dias with Farah-Hockley the CO taking the salute was a 3 badge stoker from Jufair who had jumped at Arnhem in 1944.
  10. When I had a sub-unit I had three of my RAF posts filled by other RAF trades, I also had a couple of mine deployed ''out of area'' into non branch roles, although to be fair the vast majority of out of areas were in branch.

    Had to hand it to one of them, he was a non-technician in a technical role. Not as adaptable as the other techies, but he was prepared to put the effort in and after about six months was capable of holding his own in technical discussion.
  11. I think that you'd be amazed at the branches currently serving in Afghanistan alongside our Brothers and Sisters in Green (and light blue), and we are not necessarily there just to fill gaps. I believe the MOD decided that the split in Services on the ground would match, as much as possible the split in the Services in general (ie 75% Army, 15% RAF and 10% RN)

    Obviously there are certain branchs that would be unemployable in a desert environment but loggies, communicators, MA's, ME's as Vehicle Maintainers, WE's maintaining weapons systems, any branch can provide personnel for language training and subsequent deployment as linguists, then you also have the cross section of matelots employed with Media Ops, escorting press and celebs who visit, and finally, and probably the biggest contingent of Dark Blue - the WAFUs, both fixed and rotary types.

    But I think the scariest thing of all, and I hope your all sitting down for this..................................

    They're given weapons as well! (Not sure if ammunition is also issued, if I ever go it'll be a brave man that issues me with long or short pointy things that go bang)
  12. It's not just Afgan - we currently also have Communicators, WEs, Medics, Gollys, Pussers (all varietys) and the odd Wafu out here on Telic - plus the staff associated with the 2 Star Command (CAF) and the Naval Training Team down in the NAG.

    Given the long history of the RN supporting land operations (Naval Brigade, Field Gun and of course the Commandos) it shouldn't really come as a massive suprise to find so many on ops now.

    What does grip me is the fact that the Navy doesn't advertise its support to current ops, lets face it, it is pretty galling when the only headline that the RN can get into the Papers is the 'Carrier Queens' Thread despite all the good work Jack and Jenny is doing elsewhere in the world in often dangerous and hard conditions.
  13. Hear, hear. Totally agree

  14. I Think it does - just not nationally

  15. Would be nice to see us in the paper for good reasons rather than looking like idiots.
  16. I visited the CLR on Salisbury Plain the other week. From memory, the make-up is 60 per cent Royal, the rest from other part of the Forces (chiefly RN).
    They were three dozen Bandies as drivers/stretcher bearers/first-aiders and a fair number of ET(ME)s working on vehicles with the workshop unit.

    At the press conference with CINC Fleet, a few people asked why there were so many matelots in the middle of Afghanistan and the impact it would have on ships/submarines/establishments, so the nationals were interested, but chose to focus more on the lack of helos...
  17. And an ET(WE) :) :)
  18. Nice????

    It'd be a bloody miracle!

    I don't know how they do it but no matter what the RN do and wherever they are they they always seem to be overshadowed by the other two services! The RAF even managed to muscle in in '82' despite having made their best endeavours to make it impossible to carry out such an undertaking over the previous years!
  19. While matelots have been deployed to many theatres in recent years, and with very little in the way of recognition, I think the difference now is the number of matelots being deployed, both from the regulars and the reserves, RN and RM. Many are also being deployed outside of specialisation, and even those deployed in spec such as Medics and Logs, will find themselves manning sangars and VCPs (as matelots are already doing in theatre).

    And that's quite apart from those already deployed as in intelligence roles, CIMIC, translators etc.

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