What does DGE stand for? or what does it mean?


War Hero
NCE - Naval College Entrant used to be the old phrase.
Still is.

DGE - Graduate Entry
NCE- Non-Grad

Doesn't make much difference from April onwards as start pay, seniority & promotion is the same for all Wafare, Logistics & RM Officer entrants.

UCE - University Cadet Entry is only available for 'Doktors' & Fang Farriers.

DTUS - Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme is just a better off Bursar (£4.5K instead of £1.5K)

Welbeck - same, same, but open to all branches.

Scholarship/Reserved Place - Financially the same as a non-technical bursar.

I'm guessing BRNC is going to see younger entrants now that an 18 year old can join on £24,615 - same as a graduate.
I thought they'd be dropping graduates pay not increasing non-grad's pay.


Will it make much difference if I just put "Warfare" not "NCE Warfare" ? Haven't heard it mentioned before and the AFCO is closed for Christmas for another 2 days.

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