What do you want to be?

What Branch do you want to be in?

  • Medical branch

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  • Logistics branch

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  • Fleet air arm

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  • Royal Marine

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  • Officer

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  • None of these

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  • Engineering

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  • Total voters
I just want to see what branch most people on here are joining (or want to join)

Start of with me i want to be in the warfare branch as a seaman specilist or a Royal Marine.


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You'll probably find your poll ends up a tad unrepresentative because the larger branches (Warfare & Engineering) will probably poll the most votes simply because there's more of them to vote & in recruiting terms they have the biggest volume of entries. There is a big difference with Officer & Ratings preferences also.

Conversely the Fleet Air Arm, which should include Air Engineering Technicians(AET), probably have the most listing it as first preference, however few manage to score high enough in the Recruiting Test to become AET. Those that do start AET training get a rude awakening when they realise how much academic study is required- many foolishly think that passing the Recruiting Test assures completion of trade training.

About 80-90% of initial enquirers would like to be a pilot until they do a bit of research & discover they need qualifications & such like- I'd estimate much less than 1% of initial aircrew enquirers actually pass selection.

Again Royal Marines, certainly in my neck of the woods, have the highest attrition rate with only about one in sixteen making it as far as PRMC. Wannabe Matelots tend to be a lot more successful in their aspirations, however about 50% do not score high enough for their first choice & about 1 in 4 applying, actually join.

Statistics- where would we be without them?


War Hero
Ninja, are you saying I'd of had more hope being a pornstar than a Bootneck?.....fcuk, wrong career move by me again.... :frustrated:

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