What do you want for Christmas?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. This year I shall be asking Santa for some or all of the following:

    The Irish bird from the Saturdays

    A Panerai Watch

    The Pink Floyd Pulse DVD

    A Royal Enfield Motorcycle

    A Bottle of this
  2. A snow free runway would be nice.
  3. [​IMG]

    for when i start training :D


    5.1 surround sound headset

    then im just getting money for dirinvg leasons :D 8O
  4. That'll do me too, stand by travel insurance claim...
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    5 numbers & 2 lucky stars.
  6. On my wish list this year is:

    Obvious reasons:


    For training:


    Smoked beer:


    And top of my wish list and number one fantasy fcuk:


    I bet i get none of the above and end up with aftershave that is crap and chocolate that everyone else will eat :roll: .
  7. That beer looks awesome. I want.

    May I recommend a better iron though? If it doesn't have the words 'Extreme', 'Turbo' or 'Mega' and 'Steam' with a big number with loads of zeros at the end, it is not worth the bother.

    I opt for the Murphy Richards Extreme Turbo von Mega Steam 7000 every time.
  8. Nice tip, cheers.

    Any german smoked beer is awsome. It goes down like a treat and you often remain hangover free. Just look for anything that has 'Rauchbier' on it and thats the stuff. There is one that looks exactly like Guiness but oh my god, i have never had anything like it.
  9. A chihuahua.
  10. As in show me your...
  11. One of these.
    Some of this.
    And two more weeks here, Bay House Hotel Shanklin.
  12. I remember taking my daughter aged seven to see Santa in Owen Owens….
    “Hello little girl“ says he ….“and what do you want for Christmas†…
    she thought for a minute then says in a loud voice so everyone could hear…….â€can I have the door back on my bedroomâ€â€¦â€¦

  13. A vigorous rubbing down with a well oiled copy of the Exchange & Mart.
    And a 4 week holiday for my neighbours in Unst North Shetland Isles.
  14. Not a thing, I've already had what I want, now all I need is for the next six months to pass quickly.

    Thank you CCB and Norwich (sorry Aviva) Insurance for the NHS.

    Fcukin Yippee :D :D :wink:
  15. This Crimbo I will be mostly pissed
  16. Santa is bringing me a barrel :thumbright:

  17. With a matelot still in it :wink:

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