What do you think of Blaire

It's B-l-a-i-r,
You might know that if you went to school once in a while instead of masquerading as an ex Royal on here.
Bell Boy.


War Hero
He speaks very highly of you caretaker. :smile:
Perhaps you belong to the same lodge Bullshitters are us.


Lantern Swinger
The_Caretaker said:
What do you think of the PM, I think he is a cnut who does not give a fcuk about any service men/women.

Blair does give a fcuk about the armed services :twisted: He wants them to do the job in the Middle East for the minimum money :grin: Thus saving the taxpayer millions of pounds :wink: So he does care, he even goes out and visits every now and then especially when he wants his photograph taken :roll:

Cameron and Mingin will care just as little :twisted: :razz:


War Hero
Cameron and Mingin will care just as little :twisted: :razz:[/quote]

Exactly, non of these fcukers really give a toss about any of us (unless it affects their chance of election). Whilst I will not waste my vote I do struggle to differentiate between each of these r'soles as to which one should run the country!


i think he is a very nice young man.
he was pretty fair with us during our dispute.

can i have my crayons back nurse, i promise not to shove them up my hoop again.

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