What do you think of Blaire

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. What do you think of the PM, I think he is a cnut who does not give a fcuk about any service men/women.
  2. I don't think he gives a fcuk about anyone, let alone service personnel.
  3. It's B-l-a-i-r,
    You might know that if you went to school once in a while instead of masquerading as an ex Royal on here.
    Bell Boy.
  4. He is an oxygen thief and needs putting down.
  5. Who? Caretaker?
  6. You are a naughty man Lingy :)
  7. He speaks very highly of you caretaker. :smile:
    Perhaps you belong to the same lodge Bullshitters are us.
  8. Blair does give a fcuk about the armed services :twisted: He wants them to do the job in the Middle East for the minimum money :grin: Thus saving the taxpayer millions of pounds :wink: So he does care, he even goes out and visits every now and then especially when he wants his photograph taken :roll:

    Cameron and Mingin will care just as little :twisted: :razz:
  9. Cameron and Mingin will care just as little :twisted: :razz:[/quote]

    Exactly, non of these fcukers really give a toss about any of us (unless it affects their chance of election). Whilst I will not waste my vote I do struggle to differentiate between each of these r'soles as to which one should run the country!
  10. :evil:

    Need more be said, apart from the name should be spelt 'B L I A R'

  11. i think he is a very nice young man.
    he was pretty fair with us during our dispute.

    can i have my crayons back nurse, i promise not to shove them up my hoop again.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The end is in sight if they are letting Water Fairies loose with crayons :shock: :shock:
  13. I concur with everything said about the distasteful parasite so far. Perhaps a Freudian slip but I keep wanting to spell it Blare; as per http://www.thefreedictionary.com/blare .

    Sadly, I see little likelihood of improvement in Cameron who has just sacked one of the few in Parliament who does understand the Forces.
  14. the only person Bliar is interested in is himself!

  15. Ditto mate , could'nt agree more ,
  16. When we went into Iraq I actually believed what the tosser said. i couldn't believe that the bloke could do such a thing without cast iron proof.

    How wrong can a guy be?
  17. Answer to the original question, Not a lot. He has done more to sell our heritage than any previous PM in modern times.
    The man's a cnut![hr] Sorry shouldn't swear.
  18. The last 10 years have seen Social Engineering in this Country on a grand scale , the man is a cxxt full stop , :evil: totaly destroyed the morals & standards of this Country , sad or what , :cry:
  19. The problem with Blair, Cameron, and Campbell, and most of their underlings, is that they have never done anything apart from law and politics, both of which professions are full of blinkered idiots with no experience of life as seen by the normal person. When I first got the vote, a long time ago (at 21), there were clear differentiations between the parties, and parliament and the general population were full of people with experience of service life. Whether you agreed with their policies or not, they were honourable men and women who sincerely believed that their contribution would improve the lot of "the common man" in a great country. Sadly, that generation, and those aspirations, have faded into history.

    As to the title of this thread, since Blair is set on achieving his place in the history books, I would suggest "The last person to be publicly executed in Great Britain" would be a suitable epitaph.


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