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What do you think about meditation for military service stress? Would you try it?


Ladies and gentlemen in the Forces and ex-Service veterans,

I'd interested to know what your thoughts are about meditation for service people and veterans who are suffering from stress, including PTSD. If you'd like to try it for yourself some info is below.

We still have places free on two meditation days for service people and combat veterans in London. This meditation work has started off very well with the Surf Action veterans PTSD group in Cornwall (see Surf Action Org), and we have combat veterans, and active serviceman and a military surgeon coming along on Sunday in London, to learn some stress relief and relaxation practices and to share a bit about the effects of their military experience in their emotional and family lives. This is useful stuff and a tasty lunch is thrown in. If you are interested in meditation as a possible tool to contribute to your well-being, please come to these free days for service people and veterans. Places are free of charge but please do get in touch with us to book as numbers are limited to a max of 12 participants per day. Go to: London Meditation Project | Peace of Mind: Meditation Events
Call 020 89809289


Genuine question - any clinical evidence of benefit over existing therapies? I know we need to address the massive PTSD problem, but I think we should target our resources to those therapies which have been shown to be effective. "Just doing something" is not a valid option!


War Hero
I occasionally partake in group relaxation and stress relieving exercise's at work. They are run by our medical dept and fully sanctioned by the bosses.

Many people at my work place enjoy it a say it help them settle their minds and prevent them from taking work issues home with them.

I dont think meditation would be a tangible option verses acupuncture and other therapy's.
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Don't care whether people like it or not. I want to know if it is clinically effective. Alternative medicine is only around because people "like" it. The fact it doesn't work and costs a fortune seems superfluous!


Don't care whether people like it or not. I want to know if it is clinically effective. Alternative medicine is only around because people "like" it. The fact it doesn't work and costs a fortune seems superfluous!

If you want some scientific evidence of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice you could have a look at: Meditation changes brain structure, confirms new research

or see the US veterans doing some meditative 'iRest' work
YouTube - DHCC iRest for Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Below are some first-hand experience opinions from veterans starting out on meditation courses with the Peace of Mind meditation project for combat veterans and service-people. London Meditation Project | Meditation for our Veterans I think 'liking' something is not a bad thing - especially for a person suffering with PTSD, for whom it can be very hard to trust anyone or anything. The meditation course these guys are on is free, and is bringing some good results already.

"The meditation and relaxation is good - it helps me with all the that things I have been bottling up for years on end. I feel it is helping a lot - I feel a little bit better after each session. We should learn it from day one to help with the PTSD"
Veteran suffering PTSD, Northern Ireland

"I think meditation could help me and other combat veterans with managing memories and triggers, and with sleep and relaxation. I have found the meditation teaching very clear and the most important thing about the sessions is the relaxation and calmness. I found the meditation useful, relaxing, and it was good to have other thoughts."
Young veteran suffering PTSD, served in Iraq and Afghanistan


War Hero
Hang on. I'll think about it for a while........................................................
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