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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by drewfester, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. Its Sunday night and once again there is nothing worthy of note on the telly, just wonder what everyone else watches.
    Having a 3 year old, we normally are back home before 1800 then the little one goes to bed.
    There really isn't much on the one eyed goggle monster at weekends, the Mrs and I watch Dr Who and an awful lot of the music stuff on BBC4 and then Under The Dome on a Monday but then the rest is all rubbish!
    Neither of us have ever been into the reality stuff or the soap opera stuff so I was just wondering really if anyone knows a good series, program that is engaging and worth watching?
    I know people will come out with get outdoors etc but as I've said with a little one in bed, that's very limited.
    Any good stuff we are missing??
  2. I too have a 3 year old (and a 2 year old). This means the only TV I usually get a chance to watch is Peppa Pig or a variety of Disney DVDs that are on constant repeat. I've seen Frozen 836 times.

    As such my guilty pleasures are usually web based, i.e. shit on Youtube.

    Short clips, 10 mins or less. Lets face it, with kids tearing around the place all day, you never get more than 10 mins to yourself anyway.

    Today I am mostly watching old repeats of the Fast Show and a compilation of Remi Gaillard stuff.

    You will like Remi, he gets arrested a lot:

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  3. Last thing I watched on TV was that Our World War thing on BBC3.

    It's probably still on iPlayer. Worth a watch, especially the second instalment.
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  4. Thanks for that 2DD
    Are you aware you have a photo bucket Sorry box after all your posts? I thing you used to have a Gay Radar or something ??
  5. Aye.

    Can't be hooped to remove it.
  6. Sorted now.
  7. Watch some of Remi's football stuff. ******* awesome.

  8. This is also good. All filmed using a Go Pro:

  9. Great stuff, but, I really can't see Mrs DF watching it!
  10. Here's an idea, why don't we start our own film company....
    Stand a Easy productions, presents A Jack Dusty Film?
    The Can Man can write the script, and the saw doctors can be the hero's whilst the engineers sit in the mess and drink tea!!
    Oscar winner in my opinion.
  11. Big Pusser.

    Basically the same as Big Brother but not shit.

    "Today in the Big Pusser House (a warship), Smudge and Taff are having a fight over who gets the last tin out of the beer fridge. Soapy has fallen asleep in the mess square and is being blacked up using a cinograph pencil. Looks like the lads are doing a thorough job, they've even got one of the baby tiff's to hold his foreskin back so they can colour in his bell end."
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