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What do you reckon - worth a portion??


Made me laugh last weeok or so when I read that she had been awarded a prize for being voted Mother of the Year in the states.

Not sure how you can be voted mother of the year when you live and work in the states and your kids are at school on the other side of the world and when they're not there is an army of staff to cater for their needs. Can't imagine her knocking up packed lunches whilst trying to clean up before doing the school run ...

Photoshop and air brushing are wonderful things but I can't get the disgusting images of that pervy bloke sucking her pigs trotters all those years ago.
You can wrap a turd up in christmas paper, but when you unwrap it, it's still a turd!
A ginger turd at that :evil:
Hmm, not sure... fishnets and FMBs would've been better [take note, RC!]

And you know what they say: "Rusty roof - damp cellar"

Can you imagine the first date?

You: "Alright Ginge, how's yer minge? Is it red, like yer 'ead?"

Her: SLAP!

NZ_Bootneck said:
Yes, give her six months she'll be back down to Jenny Craig again.Photo air brushed and lighting very good, still with her rep bet she goes like a ferkin cracker :grin: . Dont start on Gingers, apart from Chris Evans.
Ling that Humphery thing made me spill my milk,then PMSL :lol: .

Royal, Antipodean, giner? TOO MUCH AMMO... :twisted: :lol:
NO Thanks - she's a bit of a Chunky Monkey. :shock:

Now if you want to Roger a Royal, and one who looks absolutely gorgeous in Jodhpurs (Yum Yum !!!!) you dont get better than Zara Phillips.... and I bet she'd use the whip or crop on you ! :eek:

Younger, Slimmer, Prettier and not a Ginger

A Class bit of Ass
Her daughters are legal now... :twisted:

Sarah Ferguson Biog

Link also includes a photo of the Ginger Nut stroking her puppies...

At first the red-headed, good-natured Duchess of York was popular in the press, but that soon changed. Her clothes, weight and personality were constantly criticized. She was miserable, and felt like a worldwide laughingstock. Her husband was in the Navy, and she saw him an average 42 days a year. They wanted to live together like other military couples, but his parents wouldn't permit it for security reasons. Fergie immersed herself in charity work, and also learned to fly a helicopter "to please my distant, beloved husband, to show my interest in the Royal Navy, to share Andrew's life and his dinner conversation."

42 days a year? Probably HRH was too busy playing golf or shagging some supermodel! And can you imagine Mrs. & Mrs. Windsor living in a 3-bedroom flat in Rowner..?!

:shock: :lol:
That reminds me of a dit actually, pull up a bollard and I'll spin it...

Many moons ago, after HRH's much publicised divorce from Fergie the Ginger Monster, I was spending an incredibly bored Summer Friday afternoon in the Pompey Waterfront UPO. As usual, all the UPO were still turned to "in case a customer came in" and we were spending the afternoon watching the tumbleweed blow across the Sail Loft car park that was completely deserted except for our vehicles.

Out of my mind with boredom, I decide to amuse myself by using the POLE Computer system (now sadly defunct) to see who was being paid however much that month. We discovered, amongst other things, that yes, CINCFLEET does pay more in tax in one month than anyone reading this is likely to earn in three.

I also discovered that His Royal Highness Prince Andrew the Duke of York was paying Married Unnaccompanied Food Charges at wherever he was based (think it was Culdrose). For the unintiated, this is the lower rate of food charge that married personnel pay while Living In. Except he hadn't been a married man, for at least six months. So I then worked out that he owed Pusser several hundred quid in Food and Accom charges.

Funnily enough, my Chief couldn't be persuaded to chase it up.
Must be an S & S (or whatever they are now) thing, two caterers and a Jack Dusty, do you think we could get discount for threes up :mrgreen:

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