What do you miss?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Slumberine, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Not much has changed, I see! Still a lot of people talking bollocks.

    <Sigh!> Isn't it odd - the things that you miss!

    Er, I mean the talking, the banter - not the bollocks!

    So I just wondered what you miss about the Navy?
  2. That feeling that you are a superior being as a serving member of HM Forces and tot time.
  3. I miss the following-

    The lovely tune of Call The Hands.
    Duty Weekends.
    Sailing on a Friday.
    Major store ship on the Friday before deploying(and the last vehicle not turning up until late afternoon).
    I miss getting up to do the 0200 gun handover, not being able to get back to sleep then up at 0600 for a set of rounds.
    I REALLY miss the indepth logic utilised by MOST XO's in virtually ALL circumstances.
    Onboard fish and chips(and RA's that eat them prior to going weekenders!).
    Members of your division knocking on the office door first thing on a Monday morning to say they have been issued an ASBO on Saturday night and therefore ruining all planning you had that week.
    I miss a chiefs mess full of W.E.s who have no money(because the ugly pie eating wife takes it all for the kids)and just drip about the mob constantly but will complain if they dont get an extended career?
    I don't in anyway whatsoever miss the top whack of seapay no sirree not at all or the banter!!!
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  4. I miss my basic pay, my trade pay, my long service pay, my separation pay, my diving pay and my submarine pay. But apart from that, nothing much else!
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  5. I miss-

    Deep Dives
    Being on the bridge is rough seas (Swiftsure class)
    Working-up after a refit
    Emptying the Elsan
    Hailing the guard boat
    Dick-head P.O's who can't use the gash-ejector correctly
    H.M.S. Brighton
    Reading Daily Orders
    The A.S.U.A.T trailers
    Chinese laundry
    The Cold War
    My SONAR set
    The crib board as a measuring device
    Polishing spitkids
    Three-badge AB's
  6. .
    Living amongst all those people who regularly declared that 'they didn't give a sh!t', knowing full well that every single one of them did.

    (Folk outside often say that too - but in their case they always mean it.)
  7. Genuine mates, civvys do not come close.
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  8. So that's where it comes from!
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  9. It was tot time that made you feel superior.
    First one I had gave me the feeling I could handle the girlfriends dad.
    The scar above my left eye shows I was wrong.
    I missed that girl for a week or two.
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  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There it is. The military brotherhood.
  11. Don't you think I've got enough "brothers" without all you ******* claiming kinship.
    Just cus you think there might be a few tins of corned beef and a few tinnies coming my way.
    Feck off and do your own scrounging.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In your case when i mention "Brother" i actually mean "Underpaid serf".
  13. That's nasty that is and I hate the Army any way so there.
    That's not all your fault though, unless you were my first missus and was stationed at Queen Elizabeth Park Guilford.
    She played the Clarinet but was quite adept on the one eyed piccolo.
    Is it an army thing?
  14. wal

    wal Badgeman

    I thought that it was Stoughton barracks,in Guildford, Rummers?

    As the WRAC band was based there.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The lack of pigeons.
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  16. The WRAC band was in Queen Elizabeth Park mate, into the road, turn right and a short bit with a lay-by either side down to the gatehouse. My first missus was stationed there when we met and was in the band.
    I remember once calling her on the internal military line from Whale Island and asking to speak to her.
    They said we have no tannoy system so can't get her, who's calling?
    So I told them (true at time) this is the Quartermaster HMS Excellent.
    Short pause, Oh sorry we'll fetch her.
    She comes on line and asks how did you get them to fetch me to the phone?
    I tells her they asked who I was and I told them. She started laughing and tells me The Quartermaster in the army is an officer.
    Every time I picked her up on a Friday to go weekenders they brought her to the front of the queue and whilst waiting I've even been saluted taken in the guard room and given a cup of tea.
    The Royal Engineers barracks was just to the rear and left, but never dater an engineer so don't know what that was called.
    But the wife was definitely in Queen Elizabeth Park, I've still got some of her memorabilia as they went to play in East Berlin during the cold war in 1969. I met her in 69. Married 70 and divorced 82
  17. I miss the 3 month dived patrols, no comms with her back home therefore no nagging, I miss the foreign jollies and pissing all my subsistance away and being a total slob in the hotel with no comebacks.
  18. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Rummers, I used to give western riding lessons to a N° of bandies in the 70's. Most had very nice sterns in tight jeans.

    When I joined up in 66 the Navy had a hut at the corner of the parade ground in Stoughton Barracks before they moved into the town.
  19. I met a girl in 69, I still cant eat tunna, like wrecker,I miss the foreigns, first time I sailed down the Malacca straits out of singers, flying fish, blue sea, desert islands etc etc, the heat of Aden and the cold of Norway and if that wasnt enough the mob forced dosh into your sticky and said off you go have fun.
  20. I miss the strange absence of communications from superior? beings telling me what we were doing and why, being told that I was important when it was patently obvious that I, along with others, was there to make up the numbers and I really really miss the ability to plan my life and expect to do what I planned when.

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