What do you miss being a matelot?

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Indoor_Lookout, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Apologies if this has been done before.

    For those contract breaking matelots who I am one of amongst the rum ration membership, whose arse may belong to a civvy company but whose heart will always belong to pusser.

    Had a nostalgic night stood in the flip flop drinking JC's, and we came upon the conversation, was it worth leaving before our time was done? and what do we miss.

    there was a long list including, forenoon make and mends 24 hours off, free socks and batteries( have you seen the price of these items nowadays) sundowners breakfast beers then sunuppers, doing a job that made a difference but the biggest most important one that was mentioned was having an oppo you could rely on, he may want to shag my sister and crack one out over my mam but could always be relied upon in times of need,

    So I put it to the membership what do you miss?

    I shall apologise now for any mong spelling or punctuation.
  2. The money.
  3. Social side. Rounds route A in Pompey.
  4. Money? You me we were supposed to get paid. No bastard told me!

    Seriously, I still miss the open sea and the excitement of arriving at some exotic port.

    Ah yes! and the women! all those women....mmmm. :w00t:
  5. I miss the travelling and the mess mates. The Social life of it.
    I enjoyed the jobs I did.

    Don't miss the all changes going or the lack of harmony time.

    I now own a company have a far more settled life

    No regrets
  6. Ditto and the friends I made, along with the many nights out, jollies and free trips lol
  7. Cordite fumes
  8. Guard Duty







    And Me Mates!!!!!!!
  9. Sunday Dinners every day, Chinese Laundry,3 cans per day & some.DFs.large Goffers.Nutty Fiends,Sports pages,Blank week scrumpy runs,Payday Playboys,Fanny rats.Widows Hop,Barracks Hop,Joannas,Bistro,smart functional uniform,LOA,KUA,126,P7R.RDP,ROMFT,RAM IT, Jossmen with a sense of Humour?maybe not,Malta dog Shoots ,Black forest bear hunts,Singapore Ear,Abusing sticky green buyers,Piggys so thick that even the rest of the wardroom have realised it,Ufcky off the Hood,Hands to Bathe,Deck hockey,Uckers,Three times at em ,Get em off,Sickbay rangers,Scab lifters,Bunting tossers,Sparks,Gollies,Gunners,Tasapes,Are peas,All Chefs are Beef,Especially the Chief.Pisspot Jerkers,Billy Biros,Jack Dustys,The Tanky,Chippys party ,Outside Wrecker,Navis yeo-yeo,Splash Target Coxwains,Solly Goldblum Naval Tailor is now in attendance on the Jetty,Small ships Canteen.Grippos,Post Office savings,Electrical Magicians(ex Devonshires with disappearing Broomshank)Painters,Jenny Side Party,Peanuts Dly Cleen ,Tex,Capt fwd Heads &bathrooms,Pepe,Danny Church Steam Shy Stoker,Pier head jumps,Babys Heads,Touch your collar for luck Jack,AFOs with printing errors,Wafus & Icecream,Zippos,getting lashed up,Call rounds,Gronk boards,Sods Operas,Banyans,Feeding Rock Apes Caramels & strong Drink,Laughing Bags,Flying Fids,Five Finger Spreads,Motezumas revenge,&regulators in that order
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  11. As a squadron WAFU most of the time, copious amounts of bedframe hours :thumright:

    And a daymans hour!! Hour inside, worth two on top!!!

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