What do you fcukers do all day

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Just looked at my who's on line pop up and thers 13 of you feckers online am I the only stupid old cunt still working and too proud to be on benefits or is yous lucky bastards loafing at work?? fcuk me thers 16 of you now!!!:biggrin:
  2. It's half past ten at night where I live and I've had a fair few beers under the belt - in sympathy for those who are nose to the grind stone!
  3. Me fucking legal Stan, time served and 3 pensions now get tee feck !
  4. Unadulterated access to the interweb at work.

    And a job that lets me have loads of time off to sit on here and while away the hours!
  5. I'm monitoring the site to ping loafing fuckers, I'm not loafing per se, just working in a relaxed mode. When I go home and log on it's for recreational purposes.
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  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Got outta bed 20 mins early, just killing time before I crack out another 13 hour day.
  7. Three fcuking pensions??? you a walt?? only joking thougt I was dipping in with 2, don't think I'll survive to OAP age
  8. I don't have a proper job anymore, I work the bar in my brother in law's pub a couple of nights a week to pass the time and seem to be making a tidy living selling shit on eBay and bringing in rent from my flat in London.

    Otherwise I spend my days enjoying life in the Lakes, I potter around in my workshop, take my little boat out occasionally and massacre the forest for firewood with my chainsaw.

    Last night I went camping with my dog and slept in until 10am just because I could. On Thursday I'm getting the ferry to Holland, I've never been before and I fancy getting stuck into some ganja. I haven't got a return ferry booked, I'm just gonna stay until I fancy something doing something else.

    My kids are both too young to go to school, so no snags there and the missus is a Lady of leisure.

    Basically the only thing I have planned for the next two months is a mate's stag do, otherwise I intend to just go with the flow of life, cultivating a massive beard and just doing shit for the hell of it.

    Tramping is the way ahead.
  9. Semi retired, very little call for surf instructors (sorry for any deception in the 4x4 thread Spids! :grin: I just love to run with assumptions) during the winter. Back to being on the beach all day come easter. It's a hard life.....;P
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  10. Slow day at the office and stayed logged on just in case something exciting happens. Nearly time to knock off and have a quiet evening in with 'erindoors
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm busy wanking.

    No really, i am.
  12. Very relaxed work environment. Unrestricted tinternet. No one to bother me. Can get a little stressful if a project is due.
    Only been back to work a week after the surgery so am realllly taking it easy. Life rolls on by. Pensions roll in every month. Working towards my 3rd.
  13. Good one, will pm you later in the year and you can teach my kids...
    Why is it kids ignoretheir Dad..but as soon as you pay someone to teach them they pay attention..feckers

    What beach are you at?
  14. This morning I shat myself in a field and had to wash off in a nearby stream under a bridge, then my dog ate a bit of my poo and I did a little sick.

    Then I had a completely random conversation about Sir Ranulph Fiennes with the farmer while hoping he wouldn't spot my discarded shitty boxers floating nearby.

    Hand on heart, that is 100% true.
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  15. I took the Daily Telegraph to the pub at lunchtime didn't read it but thought it made me look intelligent, 2 Stellas later and I didn't give a fcuk anyway. Got my weeks work via the internet, planned my routes and tomorrow Ist Stop Bovey Tracey over Dartmoor to Exmoor, Illfracombe, Westward Ho, Bude, Padstein Rock then home £300 in my hipper not a bad day
  16. ^ Chief, that sounds like a busy day - lot of crucial decisons!
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I opened a door slap bang into him in a certain club in Knightsbridge. I apologised profusely and was rewarded with an icy death filled stare followed with "Think nothing of it". I nearly shat myself.
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  18. I think these days he'd appreciate a 'helping hand'
  19. Jeez Stan that sounds just too hard! Me ... get "Er Indoors" to drop me off at the orafice about 8:30am ... coffee ... read a few emails then see what you lot have been up to for a couple of hours ... interspersed with more coffee and that I might get called to go do some real work for a change! We may have unlimited t'internet access but the fecker is soooooo sloooooowwwwwww ... probably because we have unlimited access and every fecker is on it! Still ... nearly 5:30 and time for "Er Indoors" to tip up and take me home. Its a hard life waiting for the 2nd Pens to kick in and I intend to be around to spend it and not working myself into a frazzle!

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