what do you enjoy about working on a submarine?


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I just can't see the attraction :/ cramped, sweaty, no sunlight... I just don't get it ! I would love to go on a submarine for a few days for the experience but I couldn't do it as a career

discuss :)
The worst part is having to go around all day with oil and grease all over your face. Not to mention wearing your cloth 'old sea dog' cap. And let's not forget the smell of diesel and having to man the gun when she surfaces!
Dont forget staring at the deckhead waiting for the bangs and exploding lights
OK, I'll bite.

My last ship before I joined boats was a carrier. I went for weeks without seeing any daylight. Mess inboard, workspace (EMR, U/VHF Shack inboard, dining hall inboard etc). I actuallt 'tried' to become a submariner several times. Changed branches, start again. Get rated up, start again. Mech's course - you'll do, then almost failed the medical, but in a good way!

So I WANTED to be a sundodgr. The shed loads more cash was just a very nice to have.............. Fact - you are given a shit load more responsibility than on skimmers. I could sit down with HJS and tell him, look, this is broken and you want it fixed. We have no spares, so I can break this to fix that - your call. It is (was?) a work hard/play hard type of life. When alongside you'd work until stupid o'clock on your kit if it needed it, but then you'd be allowed to go home 'on the end of a phone' if everything was OK. When I was in DOLPHIN Mrs S-B used to call it the holiday camp. Mind you, when we were away, we were definately 'away.'

But I enjoyed it and was sorry to leave.

Now about the time I was on REDACTED over in REDACTED and we picked up a team of REDACTED and took them to REDACTED, where they REDACTED but I shouldn't really mention any of that. Plus we never got awarded the REDACTED for it either, but hey ho! Satisfaction in a job wel done.
I wallpapered my bunk on Courageous and it was also one of the sites that the Health Physics mongs used as a radiation check point. Never affected me though. What did I enjoy? Oh yes. The pipe "D'you hear there, the Gangway is on. There is no access to the casing until further notice. Leave will be piped...blah blah blah....."(And then pissing off over the gangway with the *Surfaced* signal in my manky back pocket. Usually 2nd off, after the CO.) NOTE:- civilian attire on under my working gear.
I just can't see the attraction :/ cramped, sweaty, no sunlight... I just don't get it ! I would love to go on a submarine for a few days for the experience but I couldn't do it as a career

discuss :)
Discuss - discuss!!

Are you still at school?

Do we look or sound like ******* students.

I hate that educational expression!!!

Throw a question then sit back and watch the squabble :blob6:
Discuss, that's a round thing athletes throw isn't it?

I liked the informality, like S-B I was on a carrier beforehand that had nast regulator types and strange things in shorts called PTI's. The worst thing about the carrier was the roof was covered in petrol pigeons and wafoo's.

What's the big interest?
I just can't see the attraction :/ cramped, sweaty, no sunlight... I just don't get it ! I would love to go on a submarine for a few days for the experience but I couldn't do it as a career

discuss :)
You were asking about joining and transferring to an officer on anther thread, part of the naval drafting system is drafty/appointer will send you where you are needed this includes submarines? So what would happen to your naval career if sent to Submarines?
Would you like to discuss the questions you are raising?
The dark, unwashed, oily smelly submariner is a myth from the movies and the past.
You will be expected to pull your wait and work hard amongst a team of hard working professionals, your responsibilities will be higher than many of those in the surface fleet. Submarines do not carry passengers; even officers are expected to stand their watch, qualify Prt3 and qualify for their watch position
The best part was the camaraderie, banter, piss taking and pranks.
One that went wrong was 2 Back afties’ were trying to out prank each other, one thought his oppo was in the middle trap, so gave him a fresh water hosing, you guessed it not his oppo it was the WO RS Chief of the boat, he walked into the mess soaked to the skin, guilty party instantly jumped up ran across the mess and head butted the mess bell a few times, and threw himself at the mercy of the COB, Funny we laughed for days
...I just can't see the attraction...

... I just don't get it !

...I couldn't do it as a career

OP elsewhere: <<... I can't decide if i want to start in officer training or train as an able rate...

...ive already applied to go in as an able rate meteorologist...>>

discuss :)
Nowt to discuss.

Wally has been found alive and well posing as wannabe Commodore 2cool.

Hamstring eh? Then I suggest you take much more care of your cheesy and eggy strings eh, Sunshine? :evil2:
He'll be a Nuccy Poo, no understanding of what life was like for us Diesel men
True how many Diesel boats do we now have?
But does that make all you oily submariners’ creatures of myths and legends?

I remember a run ashore on Rothsay where there was also an 'O' boat, you could tell the submariners ashore they were the ones ashore inVery of white sea jersey’s, No 8 trollies and steaming bats and a strange armor coming from them, and obviously totally s**t faced, little did I know under draftees guidance I was to end up in boats after mechs, even failed the medical more than once at the tank, but they sent me to INM for some 4 ringer surgeon to sign me fit for tank, Lost a year’s SM pay.
Went down an 'O' Boat once that was enough, Upolder was OK but SR mess to small.


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Sorry SB, your "fact" wrt submariners having more responsibilty is actually an opinion, commonly expressed by those who have never served on small ships, where even an MEM1 (ET1) can find himself acting as a section head for up to weeks at a time.An OPINION of mine, supported by the submariners that I work with, is that MESM's get less hands on engineering with spanner in hand, as they are primarily watchkeepers.

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