What do you drive?

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by brazenhussy, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Curious as to what we all drive - and why do I get told my car is "not a girlie car??!!"

  2. Had this before Brazen, but I'll go along with it .........


    My "Red" car........
  3. WOW, nice car BH. I like it a lot, except i couldnt drive something like that as its way too big for me.

    Just in the process of saving up for one now, but its a toss up between a Ford fiesta Zetec or a Ford Focus? Prefereably black too, as i hate silver its so Chav!
  4. Just bought my first car, a Ford Escort 1.8 diesel.
    The insurance cost nearly 5 times as much as the car did - for third party... ouch.
  5. Veccy Estate (wife, 3 kids + dog :) )
    I call it uncle buck. (If you've seen the film you'll know why!)
  6. cheers babe - vectra gsi- 2.5 v6 - bloody great fun!!!
  7. SAAB 93, so safe it's almost a shame not to crash it.....
    "Salesman's words"
  8. Seat Leon Cupra in metallic grey as I like Q cars, and an MX5 (basic 1.8 with no stability control) for when the sun is not shining (bald head and don't do hats) cracking on the mountain roads in winter.
  9. 307, despite the Top Gear guys calling it c**p - a very good runner and fairly economical (but then I live in the smoke and do not use it during the weekdays) --- upgrading possibly to a 307/407sw probably in the new year.

    Parts can be expensive, due to electronic EMS, but have that covered through CSMA.

  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Honda CR-V 2006 model not the nicer looking auto only 2007 model
    Honda Civic Ex (not sure what the UK model equivalent is)
  11. Ford Ranger pick-up truck. (You know how us rednecks are. Always looking for stuff to haul.) :lol: Only thing remarkable about my truck is the license plate: SMLE .303
  12. LR Disco and Golf Cabrio
    Various FIAT Ducatos and Vauxhall Astras
    Cant wait to get my VW Bay window camper on the road!
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I have a little red Italian number, brand new!

    Fiat Grande Punto Sport (similar to a Ferrari), I just got rid of 2.5L V6 Audi Avant because I was sick of putting £250 a month of diesel into it............. I would much rather put £250 of petrol in the Punto!!!!!!
  14. Crappy VW Golf TDI (biggest pile of shite going!)Company car
    Austin 1100 mk3 for those Nostalgic moments.
    Smart Brabus 42 Cabrio (chipped to 110 Bhp)for those "**** you jack!" moments at traffic lights!


  15. Nice Brabus Andy..but I think I could get that under the bonnet of my Pontiac Firebird...but this is the car for that "fcuk you Jack" at the traffic lights!!!....

  16. Nooooooo,its all wrong!You need an almost anonymous looking car with some trick metal work under the bonnet,like a Morris 1000 with a Rover V8!
    The above is just too coarse and vulgar! :lol: :lol:
  17. OK apart from Andy how many of you have just downloaded pictures from the web and are pretending they're your own? :roll:

    .... cause taking pictures of yer cars? Bit sad.

  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn, thought we'd just done a Black_Catting thread?

    I liked the Viz Top Tips about my car:

    "Vauxhall Corsa owners: why not stick a lighted sparkler on the roof to complete the effect, since you drive them like dodgems..."
  19. woohoooo 2 wheels more fun

    but not so when its peeing down
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  20. [​IMG] bmw 523sei called bruno (obvious really ! )lol

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