What do you do with the drunken sailor?


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Video was taken in two bits, it shouldn't be too difficult to find out who was in the party that went into the room, he should have some questions to answer.


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Looks like young trainees on a weekend bender, good lads! Got to be stokers because there’s an empty bottle. That rules out wafu’s and their alcopops.


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Must admit been there and done similar after a mega dts in guzz when we accidentally set fire to Benbow Block.

In our defence we did put the fire out but couldn't get the mess door frame back in the hole in the wall :oops::rolleyes:


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Think most of us have had similar experiences but fortuatelly these were in the days before moblie phones with cameras and Tinternet.
A few days 9s and a fine ensured better behavior (for a while anyway) :)


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Was that Levers leading the crack assault team on the dawn raid? Plus if it had been wafu’s there would have been a Thomas the Tank Engine or Pokemon duvet. Definitely stokers.


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Was that Levers leading the crack assault team on the dawn raid? Plus if it had been wafu’s there would have been a Thomas the Tank Engine or Pokemon duvet. Definitely stokers.
If it was Woos there would have been bottles of white wine and pot pourri on the table.
Meh. 14 days number 9s. back trooped to next course. Made clear up and pay for all damages. Lives generally made a misery UFN. Non story. nothing to see here, move along please... ;)


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Is that a 'thing'?
It doesn't sound strictly legal to me as a first impression...

Happy to be corrected.
Seemed strange to me, unless they sent them to Collingrad which is why I wondered if Crash knew anything. I would have thought stoppage of leave and put them in crap accommodation plus pay for the damage would have been the more appropriate punishment.


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Somebody needs to set up a crowdfunding page and get these poor oppressed lads a party house to rent out in Gospit. Shouldn’t cost too much for the area, couple of bob for the deposit and a months rent.
Anything left over can go towards the fine and next weekends pissup.
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