What do You do When They Move The Goal Posts to Far??

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Desmond, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi, new regiem at work going to start 17th next month. I run a workshop of five guys repairing Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines, don't no if you have heard of the company?

    On a yearly average they repair 4.85 per day per person, doing poss two or one hours overtime a day on a 35 hour statutary week. Overtime is cancelled.

    Well as from the 17th till the 30th of Oct it is 4.85 per day five people = 24.25 a day. And it is going up point 5 a machine per man until they get to seven machines a day. So in March the MD expects 35 a day from the team. And if they don't reach it they have a £1500 pound pot between them every month that is lost.

    Has any one any ideas on this situation???????

    Greatly appreciated.

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  2. Ask the MD to demonstrate how to do it so quickly...?
  3. Basic Wage? try Macdonalds. or even the Big Issue. :w00t:
  4. Please be serious!!

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  5. You could try looking through the ACAS site:

    ACAS Link

    Your employer should consult you about changes in workplace practices - but only if the company has over 100 employees which may not apply - are you part of a larger company, and does this affect the whole organisation?

    If your terms and conditions of employment haven't been changed, the best you can do is negotiate or try and explain how unrealistic the targets are.
  6. Are there other workshops in the company that achieve a higher output per man than yours?
    If so ask for a visit to see if you can learn from them.
    If not explain to the MD that these machines must be repaired to a high standard with all the relative safety standards adhered to. If the workforce is pushed too much corners may be cut and standards could drop.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    It's easy, just do what everyone else does when presented with an increased performance target, do the easy work first and leave the difficult jobs until after you have reached the target. The Police do it, education system does, MoD do it................ everyone's doing it!

    So simply assess each machine, fuse change = 5 minutes, 1 machine fixed; complete rewire job then put it in the corner and leave it until next month or the month after etc.......... you get the idea :thumright:

    In about 10 years your MD may realise that increasing output without properly analysing the job or training you how to achieve it was a daft idea.
  8. American Co trying to take on there standards, we in England have 54 employees in total.

    He is just trying to improve performance to a unrelistic level.

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  9. Not quite that easy we have 10,000 machines out there and they roll in by the pallet load would not have the space to stick them on one side.

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  10. We are the only workshop in the UK looking after our whole fleet of 10,000 machines, five people.

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  11. tell them to stuck it up their company Poop shute, after you and your mates have identified the companies supplying you with the duff machines. Mail shot them saying the company has lost the plot and you and your mates are starting a company which can meet the repair requirements at a 20% reduction.

    Or Just take the new routine and do your best.
  12. The real question is how easy would it be for him to replace you if you all walked out, if the answer is very easy then I think you can guess the outcome if you cut up rough, especially as it is a yank organisation.

    If on the other hand not very easy then perhaps you have some bargaining power.

    Also why does he want to increase the throughput. Is there a back log, and if so how long will the back log last at the new rate.
  13. It the machines are so fecking rubish that you have to repair 10,000 machine sugest to the company that they find a OEM who can build them correctly...
  14. What's the existing performance target, from the sound of things without overtime the existing performance is about 3.75 per man per day, so essentially this is an effort to double productivity. What's the benchmarking like against other workshops elsewhere, appreciating that they may have different working patterns and regulations.

    If there is no existing performance target then what will the consequence be of not achieving the target that's being implemented?

    If the monthly bonus hasn't been done before then there is little you can do about the introduction but setting an unreasonable target, but the advice from TatooDog and Maxi applies in discussions around the consequences of not meeting the target.
  15. Dunno quite what to tell you Desmond except that this is a common American business practice, using six sigma, lean and other quality tools, someone in management has come up with a goal and a stretch goal for you. Like someone else mentioned, it might be worth asking if the US repair facility manages this output with similar manpower, cos if they have 35 guys in a workshop all doing an average of 7 pieces per day then its not the same. If they can clarify how they arrive at these numbers it might be easier for you to see a way of achieving them. (For those not au fait, Rug Doctor sales/rental points are in most US stores, Target, Walmart, Piggly wiggly/King soopers, and they retail on QVC/HSN)

    Not sure what your experience of lean is, but you might check it out (stacks of info, courses, books, even forums online) and see if you can apply it to your repair processes, such as the way you fault find, triage on the machines, how the guys are organised , e.g. is it better to be open for 12 hrs, Three lads in early, two late than have all from 9-5. How are they spending their time on each machine, is it better to replace whole assemblies than strip down, what is causing work stoppages, like lead times on parts, lack of trained staff or specialist tools or skills, can simpler tasks like cleaning be given to a trainee or non skilled position? Do they track MTBF, do you record work, and have you identified the jobs that are eating your lunch, such as a pareto chart of the bits or jobs you do most, ID the number one problem and then decide if theres anything that you can do to reduce its effect (such as changing the day that broken machines are delivered to the workshops)

    Anyway, I hope that has at least given you some food for thought.

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