what do you do for fun

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by kgladams, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. I want to know what you can do in free time and how long you get a week
  2. please can u tell me m8's
  3. First of all this is hardly "current affairs". Second if you tell us about what you do maybe you will get some reaction.

  4. I kidnap old women, tie them to a chair, gag them, force them to watch beastiality porn, offer them cups of tea twice per minute (just so they know how fuckin irritating it is), then drop them off at the bus stop around tea time.
    most of my time is free time, except when they catch me....

    i also collect stamps.
  5. wank and you
  6. I would have some fun with the girls, are u aloud though
  7. Is this numskill related to BOTB?
  8. When I’m not communing with the Cosmos, you will find me either Train Spotting in the Balls Pond road, or regaling my Grandsons with my Naval exploits - like the time I came second in the Naafi queue.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Only after you have grown up.
  10. Kinnell
  11. I tend to wander through cyberspace visiting various websites and annoying the fuck out of people with inane questions and retarded spelling .
  12. sorry to be rude to a CHIMP but do you think you could meybe narrow the field down a bit from universal.

  13. ??????????????????

    I sometimes think aloud, which is generally ok unless I think someone is a complete cnut.
  14. Girls Aloud??? No, Beverley Sisters for me.
  15. kgladams, go back to the SCC forums!

    By the way, your English teacher needs to explain to you the difference between "Aloud" and "Allowed", the latter being the one you meant to use.
  16. Can English teachers still do that these days
  17. Probably not without fear of prosecution for potentially offending the little dears' "rights" or some contradictory edict/bull from the govt...
    What was it they used to say (not so long ago)...?
    Spare the rod, spoil the child

  18. They didn't use the rod where I was educated, but the belt/tause was used liberaly and preffered by most to the alternatives because it got the whole thing over with.
  19. Well last night I shagged your sister.. she wasn't all that great, but the things she let me do to her weren't bad

    Have the phots to prove it too :thumright:
  20. Can someone please assure me that I will never have to work with this mong as it hasn't been allowed to join HM's Royal Navy?

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