What do they all do? please someone tell me.....

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by angry_mac, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Its been a pain in the arse, and I'm sure a few will agree with me, but bringing a frigate out of refit, with all the different trials, challenges, training and key dates to be met is a monumentally pain in the arse. When you hit a milestone successfully, you got no time to rest on your laurels as the next key date is fast approaching. I have done it twice before and hopefuly this is the last time I do it .
    We have our Fleet Date Inspection soon, and my previous expirience its always been headed by an Admiral. Yes we know that it is a formality and yes we will be accepted back into the fleet on that date. But the amount of work we have put in as a ship's company has been huge, so therefore when we present our ship we would like it to present it to one of our very Senior officers. For god sake, there isnt many major warships left in the RN, so to accept one back into the Fleet is an important event.
    So we are presenting our ship to a Captain, of........(to be honest I dont really know). No disrespect to said Captain, most definately a very professional and capable officer. I know its a Friday, but surely there is one Admiral out there who can be dragged off the Golf course (sarcasm, maybe they dont all play golf , who knows....) Maybe an Admiral can do us in the morning (it only lasts 2 hours) and then bugger of to Raleigh in the afternoon to welcome more gullible fools into the RN.
    I mean have I got this wrong, are all our staff officers frightfully too busy fighting two land wars to welcome a ship back to OC, you know ships, navy, generally go hand in hand.
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You must have been lucky - I've never been inspected at Fleet Date by a Flag Officer.

    I'm sure Norman will be able to comment...
  3. You have to present the ship to Flag Officer's standards anyway (whatever that is), It would be nice for Admirals rounds to be conducted by an Admiral.
  4. Contributor Mode

    Angry Mac

    Either you are a grunter trying to impress or rather anchor faced that you want to see Very Senior Officers stomping about your warship. In my experience the higher the rank the more the aggravation. In 12 years I managed to never speak to an officer above the rank of two and half except when they stopped in front of me at the odd Divisions I was required to attend after I left the G-Spot.

  5. Done three FDIs, always by a Captain on behalf of CINC
  6. No mate no chance of ever being a grunter trying to impress, chief will be as high as ill get. Just wondered, and no its not a 'too many senior officers thread', its just why Senior Officers attend passing out parades, i.e. welcome young 'uns into the navy, but not an FDI. The Refit cost the MOD +25 million, you'd think they would like to see what they are getting. Maybe lo and behold get views of us at the coal face on how the refit went. This one was quite a success actually. So it wouldnt be a drip sess.
  7. It's not just a formality I'm sorry to say. I have seen many ships fail, some of the failures can be given a waiver, but some can't, so it all depends what you fail on.
  8. Slight drift of topic......on Fife we were to embark FOF2 and all his staff for our stint as Flagship. about 6 weeks prior to this ships company had cleaned and painted Fife from top to bottom and quite proud we were too.
    Admiral arrives and after 15 mins onboard clears lower deck......
    '' You have a dahty ship...it is not up to my standard ''....yes I know this probably happened every time a Flag officer took charge of a ship but this particular fat knacker did not deserve our respect it turned out.
  9. Although I have come across my fair share of thes types I really, really hope we have seen the back of that sort of behaviour. Standards, yes but within reason and there must also be recognition of the hard work that has gone in. I remember being absolutely furious when some WOMAA at FOST doing a check when alongside grabbed an unsecured stereo in one of the JRs messes and threw it across the mess square (and broke it)saying it was unsecured for sea. What a twat! The CO was raging and I think the WOMAA got his comeuppance pdq.

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