What do PFI consultants cost the MoD?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, May 21, 2007.

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  1. The answer is.........

    Haven't I heard this quote used somewhere before , during the "Who is authorised to wander willy-nilly round the Purple Puzzle Palace" row I think?

    From Hansard - 180507

    £47.2 Million spent in asking Industry to get into PFI with the MoD?
  2. MOD pays quite low rates for consulting services, it's not a particularly attractive market to get into unless you're a big body-shop or one of the niche firms with lots of ex-service who're quite cheap to employ.

    Tech support to DPA projects is generally between £900 and £1800 per day, per consultant, although the day rate reduces if you contract the firm for a longer period or have a framework contract in place.

    When you think that some projects have got a high proportion of contractors body-shopped in because you can't get civil servants to fill the jobs; DFN IPT have got hordes of BT-badged independents, DII have a lot, CSIS, Astute, CVF and T45.

    I'd say that £47M is probably quite low, but then again if you didn't pay for it in support you'd pay for it on the wage bill.

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