What do people want from RR??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by frogman007, May 12, 2013.

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  1. It seems that there is a lot of under current on here at the moment. Finks, dripping as usual. 2DD moaning at a thread in the barge, supported by SJ etc. Two new mods laying down new rules to keep us in check (I have no issue with that) and so on.

    To my point... What do people come on here for? Me personally, a bit of banter and general pissing about. I stay out of politics and anything on the general mob as my knowledge doesn't really stretch much outside of the diving branch.

    So out of interest what do people come here for. It may even help with some direction on here.

    Over to you...........................................
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  2. Topical debate, informed opinions on current affairs, guidance for those who aspire to join Britains elite, humour and reminiscences, failing that porn.
  3. As I don't get out to the pub anymore it's a chance to swap opinions,listen to bullshit and have a laugh.Naval humour has changed little from my time and is rarely found or understood anywhere else.
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  4. I'm here for the hot divers.
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  5. Honestly, some intellectual discussion on how the RN can develop and topics of the day. I have zero interest in dits from 40 years ago.

    Failing the former, I don't mind helping out in the recruiting forum, especially for those who want to become warfare officers or ratings.
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  6. That's a given!
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  7. He's shit out of luck so far then.
  8. Fear not...I'm here...
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  9. <sound of mirror cracking>.....
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  10. Well don't look in the fucker then, ugly grid!!!
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  11. Yooooooooou.
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  12. Cunt. Looks like i've come to the right place, it's full of them
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  13. Banter, piss taking and the chance to scare some recruiters with my pet pigeons.

    And occasionally answering questions or offering an opinion with my serious head on (but not often).
  14. I get aroused by the wanton destruction of the basic priciples surrounding the use of ellipses.
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  15. Your posts always make me chuckle. The 'not sure i can believe my eyes' comment regarding the expression of a simple mathematical equation made me 'lol', 'rofl' and 'lmao'.
  16. Looks like I'm in chaps. Back off.
  17. Not until you've learnt to spell principles.
  18. The Daily Mail is too well written for me, so I come here for immigration news and opinion.
  19. Now now Wrecks, you know it's learn how to type rather than spell :neutral:
  20. Revert back to the two finger stab method, nver foils with spooling eider.
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