What do Observers do when they stop flying?


Lantern Swinger
Or the get a nice cushy 9-5 in Pompey Dockyard, looking after booking
for visiting cadets and careers acquaints etc. (CACTO).

Takes an ex Cdr Observer and a Chief and thats in addition to the OIC HMS BRISTOL or which ever pre-razorblade hull they are using at the mo!!

Must get a lot of golf in!!
Heres one ex Observer I knew & a couple of his jobs

Rear Admiral Rory Alistair Ian McLean OBE Assistant Chief of Staff Defence Staff [Resources and Planning]

Vice Admiral Rory McLean, CB, OBE, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Health)
Well you have to consider that Pilots and Observers are also warfare officers to a degree but in the air. Still have to do navigation and tactical warfare. Therefore it would be matter of converting this to a ship environment. Same as warfare officers being swapping to become aircrew. Similar job, just a different type of warfare.

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