What do Observers do when they stop flying?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Deckhead_Inspector, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Pilots leave and become airline pilots, wondering why they did not do it earlier. What do Observers do?
  2. Secret shoppers on charter flights? :bball:
  3. Become cabin staff for Ryan Air
  4. Do you want fries with that?
  5. Question is mate- 'What do Observers do when they are flying?'
  6. I thought the pilot did the flying and the observer watched where he flew??
  7. commissioned ballast :fish:
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...go ashore to collect my bags of mail, while the pilot waits for him in the cockpit, looking steely in Ray Bans?! :cool:
  9. I thought they were self loading cargo.
  10. Just wanted to add the suplimentary of " Do observers only start hating pilots when they stop flying and the pilot gets the cushy airline job or do they always hate them?"
  11. Or the get a nice cushy 9-5 in Pompey Dockyard, looking after booking
    for visiting cadets and careers acquaints etc. (CACTO).

    Takes an ex Cdr Observer and a Chief and thats in addition to the OIC HMS BRISTOL or which ever pre-razorblade hull they are using at the mo!!

    Must get a lot of golf in!!
  12. Go down the pub and enjoy themselves.
  13. get a command as apparently being an observer qualifys you to know what the hell a ship is supposed to do. Apparently.
  14. Unlike the engines on their aircraft they continue to whine.

    They also moan about other Aircrew who are not Observers. :pukel:
  15. Heres one ex Observer I knew & a couple of his jobs

    Rear Admiral Rory Alistair Ian McLean OBE Assistant Chief of Staff Defence Staff [Resources and Planning]

    Vice Admiral Rory McLean, CB, OBE, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Health)
  16. Go back to being Fisheads, driving ships. Or are they no longer general list officers?
  17. Well you have to consider that Pilots and Observers are also warfare officers to a degree but in the air. Still have to do navigation and tactical warfare. Therefore it would be matter of converting this to a ship environment. Same as warfare officers being swapping to become aircrew. Similar job, just a different type of warfare.

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