What do I pack?


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Ginger! Me! Fcuk orf, nowadays it's a distinquished African Sunset with grey highlights.
OP. Save space in your holdall for the steam iron, tracksuit, trainers etc and leave the vibrator at home.
Just become the class bike there is usally one in any course with splits on or close at hand.

PS My pants do smell of wee but thats my fetish and/or age not my gingerism.


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It's a matter of choice,ladies catflaps are very adaptable for any size!
Go for the biggest not the cheapest and if you get stuck? a lady I once knew used the nozzle end of a vacuum in an emergency!
You'll make it girl![or is it a girl? ] just post pictures when you can!


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Of course I do. You mean you don't look like yours? Thats false advertising!

That is a picture of me in my Great Grandfathers spare WWI uniform. He was a pilot and shot down in April 1918 after stacking up 80 air combat victories. He was a great man.
If your batteries fail you should be able to find plenty of these strategically placed around your accommodation and don’t forget to give it a dhobi after use.