What do bootnecks go in to wen they leave

As the name suggest where/what do bootnecks do when they leave as i am on the point of re-joining the Navy this time and get a trade ,i just cant find anything.

Is your situation that it's been difficult to find employment to keep you busy until you start Basic Training at HMS Raleigh and you're wondering just what kind of employment Bootnecks go into once they've left the Corps, in case that might be an opening for you too?
Yea pretty much so, i think i got out at a really bad time, well i know i did, all my mates are re-joiing other services. So just wondering what bootnecks get up to when they leave. I dont have a problem with re-joiing, as i am looking foward to it, just so happens there is a waiting list.
You should identify your key, saleable skills, Daffy, and then identify employers who would value those skills.

I know this sounds a bit lame, but, as you are interested in diving, could you find employment in a diving shop, just for the 18 months you need to wait?
Have you thought of standing for Parliament? There should be a seat vacant soon in the Glasgow NE constituency. :razz:

As a lapsed Bootie, perhaps you could start/join an Escort Agency :biggrin:

You can drive a Ford Escort, can't you?
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