What did you wear to your Recruitment tests?

Well mine isn't likely to be until the summer so I'm going for shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. :glasses7:
Hope that helps.
K640 said:
sussex2 said:
You may only wear 'Hawiian' shorts if you have skinny and hairless legs, do you fit the bill?
Bugger. You know a good waxer?
Dont Do It !!!!!!!!!

I done it for charity, oh the horror, the pain is nothing, but the stupid b*tch that done it left quite a bit of wax on my legs, which resulted in lovely chunks of skin coming off of my leg, plus the fact that my hair never grew in the same again 8O
ryan1234 said:
Suit or smart casual?

Wear a suit if you have one, you might stand out but it will be for the right reasons. If not then wear an ironed pair of trousers and a shirt.

It is part of a job interview process, a very important job interview, so you should treat each element as such and dress/act accordingly.
I wore a suit to mine, and so did most other people.
A couple turned up in tracksuits with baseball caps etc, and it doesn't give a very good impression imo.
I went straight from the job I was doing and was going back straight afterwards, I phoned up before hand though and double checked I would be alright wearing my work clothes which were jeans and a polo shirt.

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