What did you do to waste a good week end

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. This weekend’s joy ??
    I had said to my misses I would put some training stuff in the summer house/shed to make a small gym, fast forward 4 years and I chose this week end to get round to it.
    I think I should have left well a loan but too late for that.
    Before I was going to make this gym the misses decided it should be carpeted, so son finds old carpet in attic and undelays it with some laminate floor underlay, big mistake?
    She then filled it up with more than a dozen packing boxes, plastic storage boxes and much more. When I mentioned that carpet would rot in a shed it fell on deaf ears.
    I took some carpet out of there about 2 years ago rotten, but some was left behind under chest freezer and under heavy tread mill which was surrounded by crap.
    I took it all out this weekend.
    Problem where the carpet had been left the 1inch marine plywood seems to have rotted it looks OK but has no strength, e.g. flexes and gives a lot when I stand on it all areas where I had moved the carpet from still solid, so next job sort floor out, temp measure laid some support battens across.
    Total amazement as to what was in the boxes.
    2 boxes Cuddly toys all have been washed and re-housed to grand kids, my kids not happy.
    2 boxes wife’s cloths, amazing how many still tagged? Some recycled some heading for e-bay
    4 boxes of my son’s crap, he had a shock when I said collect or I will drop it off at the tip.
    2 boxes of kitchen stuff, pots pans, juicier etc.
    2 Boxes of videos, not had a video player for years
    2 boxes of books
    Box of kids books
    2 boxes marked bed room stuff, found a couple of hundred quid of misses perfume stuff not opened.
    Garden tools, lawn mower, box of decorating stuff, new rollers brushes.
    I think the misses thought it was a TARDIS storage hole.
    To top it all she cannot remember packing all this stuff so it must be my fault?
    The pile of crap to go to the tip is about car loads, I have a fairly big estate car.
    GYM now almost set up apparently I need to wipe all the gym equipment down and get rid of spiders?
    Need to get rid of chest freezer, then I can get a cross trainer.
    Gym not used yet to knackered, but in and working treadmill, spinning wheel bike, small stepper, gym bike and some small hand weights. All I need to do now is get fit???

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  2. Saturday did bugger all but potter about, Sunday wifey was in full gardening mode so I tackled the ironing mountain whilst watching Zulu Dawn followed by Zulu, then tackled the beers in the fridge...bargain.
  3. Many moons ago I went on the lash with my oppo who had come up homers with me to Tamworth.
    Now before various submariners who live close, jump in, Tamworth is not exactly a throbbing metropolis, but it does have stacks of pubs, some of which, at weekends, get taken over as epicentres for the younger generation, and ooze with fanny.
    With this thought in mind we swoop on the liveliest and ensconce ourselves into the hub.
    Unfortunately, I was in a thirsty mood and was concentrating more on the brew than the birds. Big mistake.
    At about 10 pints o'clock I trapped a really essence bird, and took her home. I did however carry on drinking so even though I walked from her drum to mine about 3 miles, I was still under the weather when I arrived home.
    Sunday morning and I am relating the fact of my conquest to my oppo and mummy (leaving out the licentious bits) and my mum asks her name. When I told her I get the raised eyebrows bit. I questioned the look and was told oh just didn't seem like your normal type, thats all.
    Anyways next friday night I tips up at Stafford (she was an art student at uni there) and jumps a fast black to the address she has given me.
    When I rings the bell a pretty but fat bird opens the door.
    "Sandra ..........." I asks?
    "Come in" she replies, so I trails in to the hall expecting fatty to go fetch Sandra.
    "Didn't think you'd remember me or come if you did" the fat bird says.
    We need to get to the party she tells me and drags me out to the street where we are scooped up by a couple in an old ford Anglia and driven to a throbbing party at a student drum.
    I hung around trying to trap but no joy as everyone knew I was "Sandra's" chap.
    At pipe down I was stuck in a sleeping bag with this horror and she was trying all roads to liberate me from my underwear, and I was doing a very good roll reversal feigning head ache and sickness.
    I sneaked out in the night and thumbed it back to Tamworth, was that shagged I slept until it was time to go to New Street for the ride back to Pompey.
    Wasted weekend or what?

    Epilogue. Two years later I was out in Tamworth and this really fit bird says hello to me. I say hello and am looking puzzled as to how she knows me.
    I'm Sandra she says, Sandra ....... I thought you would recognise me even with my clothes on she says.
    Lucky bastard one of the crowd mutters, wish I had. Wish I could remember says I.
    She did not want a replay......funny that.
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  4. Real men would have made the "wifey" do both and SAT and watched Zulu.
  5. Like wrecker I to did the Ironing on saturday. Minus Zulu, I only watch Zulu dawn, I don't like it when we loose.
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  6. When wife is in gardening mode it means she is architect I am labourer
    I have generated an ironing mountain from W/E exploits
    2 good movies you got in there, washed down with beers, well done
  7. Rummer the only ways to make sure you and wreckers frocks are ironed correctly is to do it yourselves? I have heard some say that ironing is therapeutic; personally I think they are mad, it’s an housed chore and nothing more.
  8. 'er indoors hates ironing so she's eternally grateful and I can get away with murder, at least for 4 hours anyway.
  9. Frocks? Haven't you heard I've gone "native".
  10. Small Fig leaf then
  11. But more importantly which Iron do you use :roll::roll:
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  12. Neither of us likes to iron, things tend to be ironed just before we go out of the door, by me normally as she is doing make-up or some other female stuff
  13. I'm involved with an opensource childrens software project called "gcompris". I have spent the whole weekend (and still doign it) trying to upgrade it so that it can be put onto a boot CD. (i.e. PC\laptop boots off the CD and not the hosts hard disk). It wasn't difficult to do before so why has it turned into the job from hades now?

    Patience in IT is a must but I'm just starting to run out - and I've still got all the ironing to do too ... {thought} .. errr, Wrecks ...?
  14. It's always the so called simple things, that take for ever to achieve. If stuggling take a break and have a beer, it will not fix the IT but will make you feel better?
  15. I agree.

    I'm off to a client site this afternoon - the change will clear my head as I'm starting to make silly mistakes and break things. I'm also busting for a swamp but am too scared to go in case that breaks off too ...
  16. If only you had a crystal ball to show how the ugly duckling turn out
  17. It's very important that you raise this issue.
    I believe we agreed that the best way to iron at Raleigh or elsewhere was to take that life legend along called "Mom or mum as you lot insist it is.
    Edited to say OR WRECKER
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  18. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That depends on how far away from the green you are and the lie of the ball! :happy9:
  19. That`s the only type of Iron I have used for nigh on 20 Years;)
  20. What not even floradix.

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