What did you do to prepare for the RMR???

Discussion in 'RMR' started by TheRust, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering what physical training you did to prepare yourself for the RMR??
    Im currently doing:

    Monday: Boxing Training, eg Lots of Curcuit training, body conditioning

    Tuesday: 3.7 mile Run, upping today to 4.6, 60 Pressups followed by 3 sets of 5 Pull ups (weights attached to ankles) and 60 full extended situp and 50 crunches.

    Wednesday: Boxing Training

    Thursday: (Same as Tuesday)

    Friday: Boxing Training

    Saturday: 1000mtr Swim or 8.3 Miler

    Sunday: Rest

    I also vary my run doing Lamposts, doing shuttle runs up hills and that. Is this enough?

    Any feedback is much appreciated.

  2. Mate your fitness is obviously at a good base level and your training regime seems okay, although I would personally run more often.

    The thing about the RMR is that you have to be a good all round althlete. Its no good being a good runner if you cant carry weight. Its no good being a fast sprinter, if you dont have the strength to climb the 30ft ropes in full kit. etc

    Work your regime so you incorporate a bit of everything.

    Distance running
    Hill sprints and level sprints
    Circuit training
    Hill walking

    The main thing in my opinion is running, because whatever task you do its almost a certainty you will get there on foot!! Aim to be a jack of all trades and a master of most and you cant go far wrong!!
  3. Thank very much for your advice matey, your a star. What type of training did you do to get urself super fit?? The above??? Im gonna try super hard and i hope when i get to the selection weekend ill be good enough to pass.
  4. What the man says is true. Running is 90% of what you will do in the RMR. It must be commented though that your strength and fitness look at a much higher level than what is required to pass a PRMC if you are actually doing what you have listed. Add in another day of running into your regime and you won't go far wrong for the time being.
  5. Cheers mate, Much appreciated.
  6. Too true. Running. Get miles undere your belt and be able to knock of a 5 miler in a good time in phys rig before you fist 4 mile speed march.

    Also, find a big far cough hill and start running up and down it once a week, and build it up.

    Stick at your boxing training too (or a good hard circuits class), it will help you. As long as it don't clash with you det phys night.

    Other than that, pull ups, press ups and sits up LOTS and DAILY, are your friend.

    Good luck.
  7. Nothing different from my routine anyway.

    I've got selection in 3 weeks or so. I hate things like that but at least once its done, its done.
  8. For strength training is it worth using the weight machines in gyms?

    Or is it enough just to stick with good old pess-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and LOTS of them?
  9. Personally, the latter. Bang em out as often as possible, whenever you've a spare minute, front support. Whenever you pass an opportunity, knock out some pull ups. You will be surprised how quickly you improve. At the end of the day you want strength to get up the 30 rope, over the bottom field assault, around the tarzan etc., you not training for Mr. Universe.

    That said, someone with more knowledge of weights may have a different opinion.
  10. Weight training is an important part of training, however for RM/RMR training I would definitely agree that bodyweight exercises are more important.

    Whilst you will obviously need a degree of physical strength, you will require muscular endurance even more!! Also there is the worry of picking up an injury whilst training with weight.

    Personally I agree with HBL - Push-ups, sit-ups pull-ups and squats at every opportunity, will give you a good core strength and good muscular endurance. Other than incorporating them into circuits, just do them on a daily basis whenever you get a chance. If you watching TV for example, everytime an advert comes on drop down and do 50 push ups. At the next advert do sit ups. If you run a bath, do some sets of pull ups while you wait for it to fill up. You will be amazed at the difference this will make to your training and how quickly it will happen.
  11. Ive started training stupidly this following month, preparing for selection in September. Training 7 times in 6 days. plenty of running and plenty of circuit, just hope me and the lads do well. hopefully everyone should do great, good luck to anybody on here who's down there in september.
  12. Its good to see your so commited mate, but be careful not to overtrain. Your body needs rest to recover from the phys. Better to push yourself hard 5 days a week and have 2 days good rest and lots of scran, than to thrash yourself everyday. Honestly its counterproductive to overtrain and it all comes back to quality and not quantity!!
  13. Ill take that information on board mate, its just that i wanna train myself up to be the best i can be for selection and at the end of every training session i do, i feel that bit more satisfied and that bit more confident ill pass selection in Sept.
  14. Indeed, over-reaching can be counter-productive. I won't tell you how many times a week I train as you wouldn't beleive me anyway, but there are many factors to consider, the most important 2 are diet and rest.

    As for "weights-machines", they are cack, free-weight exercises are of great benefit but that is a long-term commitment. For the first 3-4 weeks of proper resistance training is simply CNS adaptation. Hypertrophy will take a good month or so to begin, so if you are starting weights for selection in 2 weeks, don't waste your time!
  15. [quote="1ManRiot]
    For the first 3-4 weeks of proper resistance training is simply CNS adaptation. Hypertrophy will take a good month or so to begin.[/quote]

    Thats not strictly true.

    For a beginner, in the first few weeks of resistance training, gains in strength will predominently be from CNS adaptation. This doesn't mean hypertrophy takes 3-4 weeks to begin.
  16. Thats not strictly true.

    For a beginner, in the first few weeks of resistance training, gains in strength will predominently be from CNS adaptation. This doesn't mean hypertrophy takes 3-4 weeks to begin.[/quote]
    Yeah fair one.

    Although irrelevant in this case, I don't believe sarcoplasmic hypertrophy will take place for the first few weeks in the vast number of new trainers, not enough to notice anyway.
  17. can somebody translate this into english?? hahah
  18. Sorry, its just me and my techno babble trying to make myself sound smart :thumright:

    I was suggesting that weight training for the purpose of selection would be relatively pointless at this stage. r.sole correctly pointed out that initial gains in strength could come through from your central nervous system adapting to a new stimulus.

    I went on to suggest sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (AKA "pretty" muscle growth) would only take place once the CNS has begun acting upon the new stimulus.

    What does this mean to me and you as potential recruits? F-ck all mate, see you at selection! :threaten:

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