What did I miss?

Last Thursday I had a last minute call from someone at ACLO inviting me to a weekend training exercise at Cambria this weekend just gone.

Unfortunately I'm cramming hard for an exam tomorrow (I know, If I'm cramming what am I doing on here now - well I'm having a break) so I couldn't go.

Anyone tell me what I missed please, good or bad?
Well I thought it went well, enjoyed it, did not get a go in the Merlin :pissedoff: but we cant have it all can we.

The evening do was good, fancy dress a nice idea but one unit let the side down and did not dress up at all - well snr rates and jnr rates..Only down side was the bar shutting at 12 but we did have free transfer back to accomondation.

The sports :bball: was alright, it was great not to have to do another fitness test and they way the LH and S/lt run it was excellent, no hard pressure or getting shouted at unless you pissed off the LH so not a good idea but she got nice boobs lol not that I looked!!! :dwarf:

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