What did I do wrong?


Today I was driving along Trevol Road at the speed limit of 30 miles per hour and as I passed Raleigh a Royal Marine flew out of the gates and started trying to force his way inside of my asshole. Had the tolerances of either car been out by a few mil we'd have formed an 8 wheeled vehicle.
I even had a look at the roof of the car for blue flashing lights but there weren't any. Anyway this continued further down the road and at approximately the business park on the right his horn started beeping. It wasn't morse so not sure what he was trying to communicate.
This continued all the way to the national speed limit sign and then I left him in my dust. By that I mean I sped up to 50 and left a few metres between us.

Any advice appreciated and any ideas what he was late for welcome.

Had they run out of 5.56 NATO crayons at Raleigh?