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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by creddly, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. According to this website I found, the aptitude test comes before the interview step.

    But at the presentation the Officer giving the presentation said to submit your application now and the earliest you'll have your interview will be at the end of January!

    So obviously it's the interview!

    Question though - How long after the interview is the aptitude test? - And how long after the aptitude test is the fitness and medical?

    If I submit my application now, am I looking at march at least, for the fitness test?

    If so that's great!

    Give ms plenty of time to prepare!

    I do ask a load of questions I know lol - I just want to give it my all this time you see! :D
  2. the first interview is like a quick one. Formal just to get to know what you want, what info you need for your branch, to check to make sure all the forms are filled in right and you have all the nessisery paperwork, ID etc etc..
  3. Cheers Pooley!

    I can never catch you on MSN anymore mate!

    lol even though there is going to be an obvious clash when you start work at 10pm!

    So what about the 1.5 mile run?

    Will that be in about 3 months if I apply now?
  4. I shouldnt worry about the mile half too much, its a piece of piss.

    Dunno about interviews and apptitude test, bit after my time.
  5. Hello creddly

    The aptitude tests come before the interview. This is because you are interviewed for a specific trade and you need the scores from the test to determine which trades you are eligible for.

    As for time scale in my case it took 2 weeks from taking the aptitude test to passing the fitness test. I think you have up to a month from the date of the interview to pass the fitness and you can have 3 attempts.
  6. Thanks Phaedrus!

    So we can safely say that I've got around 3 months to get fit?

    No probs!

    I can reach my personal best in a month and half!

    It's different from the Army selection I can tell you!

    Everything in the Army selection is done over 2 days! lol

    Thanks again!

    Hope I get in!
  7. The chicken

    No the egg

    The chicken

    The Egg
  8. Creddly, assuming you're under 30 then you have 11 mins 38 secs (I think) to run 1.5 miles, which really isn't too tricky!
  9. Lol, I know I'll pass - It's just I want to do it in my best time possible!

    I want to do it in under 9 minutes if possible! 3 Months of solid running should do it!

    So is that the only test? Running?

    Isn't there any weight tests to see how much you can push, pull, etc? Pull-ups? ammunition crate stack?
  10. Ho Ho Ho you so funny!
    You left that all behind with the Army

    You might have to push a mop or carry your note book and pencil between lessons, other that that no - Basic training is a breeze - get up early march around learn about the navy march around some do some cleaning sort your kit out - and waste a couple of hours in the NAAFI.
  11. From the AIB perspective I think the run is it - although I may be corrected as it might be a multi-stage fitness test ("bleep test") instead.
    The RN currently does not require you to do sit-ups, press-ups etc as part of a compulsory fitness test, although they obviously form part of regular exercise. There is a swimming test which you do as part of basic training (RALEIGH or BRNC), but does not need to be repeated.
  12. Lol so what does the PT lessons entail?

    Don't tell me they don't have PT lessons in basic!

    I will scream! lol :evil:
  13. There is lots of phys, sessions are pretty varied. Anything from playing bucketball to gym sessions to swimming sessions to cross-country running, and loads in between. The aim is general fitness. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect members of the Armed Forces to be physically fit (although this is a seemingly controversial statement - Human Rights etc).
  14. Bloody right it isn't unreasonable - We don't want our Armed forces full of unfit fatties!

    Bleeding heart liberals do my head in! Do they really pap on about physical training in the Armed Forces being a bit too hard on trainees?

    Oh and btw, what's bucket ball? lol
  15. I don't think RN basic's going to be anything like Army basic, but that just means you'll be able to enjoy it more! There'll still be lots of fitness, but you'll be better prepared than you were before. Bet you can't wait! I can't, rrrrrrrrr!

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