What class ship should I go for?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by carter88, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys in the next few months I am going to have to choose a ship draft. As an ET(ME) what do you think the best type would be so I can get both my task book completed and the best travel opportunities?
  2. I call a bite....
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  4. Ninja_Stoker

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    Any ship not in refit heightens both the opportunity to complete the Task book & the likelihood of travel.

    A drafting lecture/brief is usually given as part of the training package so that you may express your preferences, give the drafter a chuckle, then get sent where required.
  5. You get a choice? Yea gods!!
    Starship Enterpise would be my choice.
    I remember volunteering for HMS/M Andrew and getting HMS/M Revenge.
    Submarine drafties little joke.
  6. You really did dip out poly I was lucky enough to spend the whole of the last commish on Andrew from refit group in 1970 to decommish in 1975. Good crew, good runs and a Great Skipper.
  7. You must have known my buddy Dave (Taff) Roberts killick stoker. He left the mob in the 70s and joined the police.
  8. SORRY the name doesnt ring any bells, he may have left before the boat went to refit, I joined in refit August 70, the skipper went to Revenge after Andrew before going back to skimmerland during the Falklands.
  9. Soon there will only be one ship.......Hobsons
  10. Dig it up, drag it up, and muster all the class you can manage.
  11. Can you count two fingers, that's your fcuking choices, enjoy.
  12. Jeez he asks a decent enough question and he gets silly old twats gobbing off about some bollocks in the 70s and some other embittered twats talking crap, you do get a choice as a young lad, a bit general but here you go:-
    T22s, mostly doing Gulf of Aden and SNMG
    T23s, ditto but you may actually go a little further east and maybe accompany a amphib on a jollly/trip to Norway
    T42s, West Africa en route to Falkands followed by s america back home, maybe a Carribbean trip
    Amphibs, Norway maybe a jolly to states and jolly out far east.
    Longcasts really are written in sand.
  13. Angry_mac, Ive done ten years (as an Officer) and not once has my personal preference over-ridden the needs of the service. Once they aligned, the rest of the time they haven't. I would suggest that a brand new ET(ME) will be sent where-ever the WMO need to send him, and it would be remiss of anyone on this board to suggest otherwise.
  14. Well then Sir, what's the point of a C240 then. Pusser asks you where you would like to go and if it's possible you may get the option. There are other things to consider as well, I always had area to avoid as Scotland, with a preference for Guzz over Pompy, back in "the old days" if you were good you were almost certain to get the typ of ship requested. In my case Guzz 21's.

    Like Amgry Mac says, one of the few decent questions asked here and the poor sprog gets grief.

    Whatever you get shippers make the most of it, your first sea draft is always a memorable one no matter what.
  15. Ooh, I hear the new Battlestar class Galactica is all the rage these days...

    Wait, does that count as a ship, or a boat?
  16. witsend

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    If they have a coffee shop, I'm logging onto JPA as we speak!!!!!!!
  17. i always went for a ship that floats usually helps in my opinion.
  18. Well thanks for the advice from some of you, and thanks also to the ones who have chosen to waste there much valuable time as usual on a decent question. There is obviously a reason I need to fill out this form with my choices and I am definitely not expecting to get any of my choices. I know they will be sending me wherever they want me to go, regardless of what I think or say about it. Its a military service I wouldn't expect any different. But seeing as they want me to fill out this form with "MY" preferences I presume that is what they want me to do? So to me it seems a bit of a no brainer and as usual, I should do as I'm asked. Which is why I am here yet again being bored out of my mind by a few people, who have nothing better to do than browse this forum and TRY to wind us less informed people up. Thanks for the battlestar gallactica tip that's a great one I've never heard of that ship before and a ship that floats WOW you really outdid yourself on that one, who would have known I would be going on one of those? They never mentioned that at the AFCO does that mean I might need to swim too because I'm petrified of water and I sometimes get a bit sea sick will that be a problem? The word EEJIT springs to mind

    Anyway for the helpful minority of you, many thanks for your info and any more would be greatly appreciated as usual.
  19. i so glad i could be of service and being sea sick could be a problem if it s harry roughers actually dick a few oppos get ill.
  20. 50 man raft.

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