What CAS really thinks of Fast Jet aircrew

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by TSRTOO, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. One for you Navy boys to feast on but I've always thought our senior leadership thought a little bit more of us.

    How about this from a letter by CAS trying to justify why we need fast jet pilots in the RAF:

    "More than 50% of RAF pilots at SO1 and above are FJ pilots (indeed, exclusively at 3* and above at present). This is not by accident or 'tribal' design - the very intelecual and mental capacity attributes that help distinguish a FJ pilot, coupled with their direct experience of combat operations and the command and control of combat forces, drive these

    Thanks CAS, using a Royal Marine catchphrse "99% of us need not apply" to be anything other than non-intellectual fodder then? I guess when all fast jets are gone we'll just have an RAF run by a 2* as we won't have anyone smart enough to make it further.

    And as for direct experience of combat? Pathetic. How dare you suggest that tooling around 20,000 feet above the action in your air conditioned office is direct combat.

    Maybe you should actually get out to where direct combat is taking place and talk with your RAF Regiment gunners who daily take actual fire and risk death or maiming from IEDs as they clear the known perimter for you to get airborne.

    Maybe you should speak with your Merlin or Chinook crews who pick up soldiers and marines from the battlefield with various body parts missing. Speak with the loadies who have to sweep out the blood and body parts from the back of the helicopter after the MERT has launched yet again.

    Speak to your medics who see and deal with horrors of actual combat you will never, with your intellectual brain, have to deal with.

    Speak with our ATC guys and girls or the MT drivers who waited in Basrah tower for the next volley of rockets to come over the wall.

    Direct experience of combat my ar*e. Disgraceful and insulting.

  2. I'm not being funny mate but what is actually your point??

    We know the RAF RegT are one of the big three and that they are skilled at guarding the perimeter and raising barriers.

    We know their medics are on the whole quite fat and crap at their jobs.

    We also know that their ATC are known as "Air Tragic"

  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    CAS is a FJ pilot, therefore his assessment of the godlike abilities of the FJ pilot are likely to be based on an FJ pilot's objective assessment that over 90% of the RAF are there solely to support them.

  4. TSR2, please don't compare the RAF with the Royal Marines, if the FJ guys are the best then it naturally follows they'll get promoted or would you rather Promotion wasn't merit based? Direct Combat? are you saying that all those non front line are also not capable of command?

    Guess all the BoB pilots weren't in Direct combat either then?
  5. Surely this should be a drip on e-goat?? Cant feel any sympathy coming from my direction.

    No still none :lol:

    I know you will do this sideways but jog on crabfat :)
  6. Thats the point mate theres no fcuker on e-goat due to boring each other to death. Christ i'd go as far as to say i'd rather have a conversation with a yam yam than a crab although understanding you fcukers is another mystery i never fathomed.

    Alright Yam!!!
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    One of my nonagenerian ex-Pathfinder navigator cousin's drips was that it was a "Pilot's air force." That was his experience in 1942! Plus ca change ..

    It does rather stand to reason that if all the peole doing the promoting are pilots, that's what gets promoted. It's quite simle really. I'm marvellous. I'm a pilot. Therefore Bloggs who is not a pilot is not marvellous, but Simpkins is a pilot, so he will be brought on. Twirls handlebar moustache - tally ho!

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