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Whilst going through the process for a CIS(SM) i spoke to my CA about maybe changing to CIS on the surface fleet but he told me that i would have to start my wait all over again and that i wouldve wasted x amount of months waiting for CIS(SM)

No way :/ I had better give them a ring tomorrow

Ninja Edit: Theoretically, but in practical terms the Recruiting Test date is when the "clock" starts. A change of branch means that those already in the queue should not be disadvantaged because you changed you mind, but the fact remains that there may well be a significantly longer wait for a "surface" job in relation to a submarine job. If you're basing your choice of surface/submarine on grounds of wait rather than actual job, then you're probably making a mistake. Talk to your AFCO.
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Go on then :roll: I'll bite.

Are you talking about ramming the enemy ship/submarine/aircraft/jetty? :biggrin:

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