what can u take to civi life out of seaman/warfare spec??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jimmy18lfc, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. what can u take to civi life out of seaman/warfare spec??
  2. Security Guard!!!

    Tesco Shelf operative!!!
  3. You can throw a rope, make some knots to impress your friends, get dizzy watching a radar screen. The worlds your oyster!!!! :lol:
  4. Re: what can u take to civi life out of seaman/warfare spec?

    Right, listen in you ignorant fcukers. You get the coveted Efficient Deck Hand certificate actually. This priceless piece of paper opens up a whole world of opportunity. With this sought after qualification you can be a dabber on a cruise liner. I've got mine, I've got it proudly on display in the bottom of a grip in the attic.

    All major employers recognise it.......... As fcuking worthless.
  5. Re: what can u take to civi life out of seaman/warfare spec?

    Ooooooooooooo! :D
  6. As a seaman specialist able seaman not a lot, however you probably will not wish to remain an able seaman all of your career so will hopefully progress up the ladder to Leading Hand, Petty Officer and perhaps eventually Warrant Officer.
    Once you have reached leading hand you are then qualified as a supervisor.
    Perhaps as a PO you will be responsible for your own section, so definitely Junior Management in many civie fields.
    Oh and stop your text speak, if you haven't got English and Maths GCSEs at Grade three or above then use the services of the RN education officers and study free of charge to pass them.
    When it comes to life as a civilian after leaving you will be a more rounded and disciplined individual, should be a better time keeper and more confident. All things employers like to see in their workforce.
  7. Thanks to training I did when I was in I now run my own company doing one the jobs I was trained
  8. Painting and decorating?
  9. Nah I just top coat grey'd everything. Not a good painter and decorator lol
  10. Yeah, just throw it out of the bucket and mop it around with a cloth, et voila!
  11. Bullshit baffles brains. Worked a treat for skippers rounds. Bit of rust there paint over it dah dah lol
  12. Got a bollocking once for selective painting.
    Can't remember what we used to call it though :(
  13. Dabbering!
  14. Cosmetic Painting as my buffer use to call it.
    Frowned upon by Chippy/Buffer/Dmeo/XO, but they weren't the ones in the firing line a skippers rounds! :wink:
  15. Thats it!
    Cheers Sparks :)
    Yep, the skipper wasn't best pleased and I got the full whack, even though I was against painting the area in the first place and was ordered to do so by the MEO.
    Hey ho.
  16. Re: what can u take to civi life out of seaman/warfare spec?

    When I was on the Poool as the CY we had skippers rounds and the WEO had picked up the Fwd 909 dome as the bolts were rusty so the 909 section dispatched their bod to go up and wire brush them to make them shiney then puts some grease on them to keep them clean.........Come the day of rounds the CO goes up to the bridge roof and looks at his Fwd 909 dome, calls the WEO up to explain why the base of the dome had big blobs of grease all the way round he couldn't explain but was not happy especially as me and the buffer were standing behind him laughing our tits off as he was told to sort it out. Not so much cosmetic painting but cosmetic greasing!
  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Thank you 'Slim', till your post I was beginning to get a complex. You people are awful to us delicate gunners...

  18. How about your rigging set !
  19. The rigging set I had was passed down to me from my sea dad. I passed it on when I left to the sprog I had as a BM
  20. got that in before I did DOH!!

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