What Cadet Unit Were You In?

What Cadet Unit Were You In?

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Square rig white shirt is known as a white front, from bitter experience the seamans jersey was the itchiest, coarsest wool pusser could find. To this day I still can't find sheep with fleeces like brillo pads so I can only assume they were a Porton Down dis-continued experiment!
It's such a long time ago, one thing that confused me is with current uniform is working dress is now longer called No 8s' back in the day the RMCdt's when they used to wear the old green lightweights with the woolly pulley were No 8As'


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Just read this from start to end. Saw a post from fookieofthehood who was in the same SCC unit as me, TSTiger, Leicester. Says under his username that he’s banned but clicked on it anyway. Joined 28 March 2008, last post 31 March 2008 lmao must be the quickest ban ever :D
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4 nissan huts and a parade ground were the Plymouth SCC HQ. and after 6 weeks you got a rough serge suit, no zips and a flap fly.White fronts for summer black for winter rounded off with matching hats. Seven creases in the trousers (ironed inside out) and three in the collar. I started there In the mid 50's for 5 years befor joining the andrew to get the same sort of kit !!
I was member of T. S. GOLDEN HIND unit 270 from 1966 to 1976. I left as the senior Cadet 3 badge leading seaman / instructor. . Many happy memories of my time as a Sea Cadet. I won the scholarship to go on the T.S.Loyalist as top cadet a Great honour. I tought parade drill and the Guard drill.ropework and much more. I gained my Coxswains badge on rowing and the Harbour launch diesel. There was always many activities that we took part in . We attended the launch of the replica HMS.Golden Hinde at Appledore ship yard Barnstable, the band and Guard of honour. All in all the best time of my childhood ⚓