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What Cadet Unit Were You In?

What Cadet Unit Were You In?

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bigglesbandicoot said:
Blackrat said:
bigglesbandicoot said:
Pair of feckin St Bernards boys.

And I only attended at Hays and Harlington because they wanted to Inject a little bit of Class.
Although born in Surrey I was brought up in Heston. (which in comparison to Hays was posh)

That hole is getting deeper by the second old chap.....

Blimey better watch it then :eek:

At least your Middlesex....

And still living in Middlesex. Hillingdon don't you know!

Back on thread, there are stacks of Cadet units in Hillingdon, the majority of them crabs. I'm the OC of one of two ACF units and IIRC, there is one SCC unit, TS Pelican, who the RNA club collect funds for. I don't know much about them to be honest but have spoken to some of their cadets, who seem quite switched on.
I went to Alderney on an MFV Squire, the Bembridge if memory serves. Did loads of courses all over the UK. Brilliant time. TS Undaunted Grimsby.
trelawney126 said:
I was in the RNBBB (Royal Naval Barracks Boys Brigade) Hms Drake circa late 1950's to 1964 when I joined. Taught by regular CPO/PO's. We had a two 7lb Field Gun and limbers. Used to do displays similar to the Field Gun Team. Trips to Guernsey on a pussers MFV etc. Fantastic days. Used to have a brew up of Pussers Khai following the drills and lessons. Better than Viagra. Just a pity that at such a youthfull age didn't know what to do with it! Used to give a few hours at the local TS but numbers were dwindling so much they combined with another unit. Now too far to go.
I was personally an Air Cadet when I was younger, but these days as an adult I am a member of SCC staff. Alas cannot serve full time in the RN or RAF due to eyesight problems, but still enjoying the the SCC work.
I was in Helensburgh SCC, TS APOLLO and at some stage we went to Clydebank to see HMS APOLLO being launched. I think it has changed it's name, don't know for sure as I try and stay away from Helensburgh these days!

After doing my 22 years and 11 months I offered my services to a SCC Unit on the South Coast near a lot of Naval establishments. What a shower of dicks the staff there were. So sad, as I loved my time in the (Scouts and) Cadets, and would have loved to pass on some of the fun.

Joined the Auxiliary Coastguard instead!
Was in TS Morecambe Bay mid sixties.

A converted church/chapel in the middle of Morecambe. The dado rail round the main hall(quarterdeck) doubled as the a rail above which a mural of second war warships was painted. Thinking back now it was a great work of art - I wonder if it's still there.

Our football team played in the Lancaster and Morecambe under 15's league without any success, always getting beaten by double figure scores (I think that in one game we succeeded in keeping the score down to less than ten but I might be imagining that). The fact that we were playing teams such as Morecambe Grammar School old boys didn't help. As the minimum school leaving age was 15 it goes without saying that all the team were over (and well over 15).

Went on a week of sea training onboard HMS Lofoten - planned as a week of A/S exercises in the Irish Sea. Travelled by train all the way down to Guzz, arriving too late at night to see anything only to be told that the programme had been changed and we would be sailing to Aberdeen to load up supplies for the northern isles and beat the 1966 seamans strike. So one weekchanged into two and after a stop at Aberdeen and a visit to the hospital to have stiches put into my head (I ignored the order not to run in the passageways) we duly took them their supplies.
I was at TS Grenville in Penzance in the mid 70's. The guys I met there were great and I really enjoyed the activities played bugle in the band and was in the guard. For an 11 year old it was just an amazing experience. Playing with guns, night exercises and real camaraderie.

It's a shame the experience was tarnished by a certain individual whose motives for being there were very much less than genuine!
Mate I went to Zephyr when I moved to Caterham in 1978. I'd moved from Penzance, Cornwall and couldn't believe the difference. Sloppy uniforms, no guard and the band instruments were in an old cupboard that no one ever went in to. Shame really. Needless to stay I didn't stay on but took up smoking and discovered girls instead!
Welbexian_RN said:
TS Blake, Bridgwater Unit, Somerset and Dorset District, South West Area. Spent five years as a cadet, got up to Petty Officer, only one in the district. Not that long ago, they changed alot, I was the last field gun captain as they banned it for health and safety when I was there and just as I left they were giving the lasses proper rig. Our unit didn't win much in area competitions, Portland always cheated (no offence to any ex-portland SCC). Did lots of AT and Kayaking. Went on the do AIB, Welbeck college and am now joining RN as AEO.

None taken Blakey-boy.... Second place is always the first loser!!

Ex TS Penn (Portland) did about 9 years reaching IC before taking the Queen's Shilling. Memories of the Bridging Camp, Navy Days in Plymouth, sailing from Boscowen, Band Competitions, shooting and plenty of laughs! :twisted:

Good luck as an AEO, best move I ever made... 8)
I was in Liverpool West Derby Unit, 1960 to 1964 - happy days, wouldn't have missed it for anything.

We had the old serge uniforms (seven creases, rubbed with soap to try to retain them!). Went on several fantastic courses: ordinary seamans' course to RNAS Sanderling (now Glasgow Airport), three sea-going trips: two round the UK on coaster, and the Gibralter trip in HMS Belfast in 1963, and visual signallers course in HMS Mercury.

I was devastated when I failed the RN medical (dodgy eyesite) for a tiffy apprenticeship. However, enthused by the morse training in the SCC, I managed to qualify as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy (you know, the navy that goes to sea :)) and spent three very happy years at sea before getting engaged and swallowing the anchor.

Best wishes to all.

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