What Cadet Unit Were You In?

What Cadet Unit Were You In?

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A shameless lift from ARRSE and one I hope our Moderator will a) remember and b) approve of?

I was a member of the SCC at the (now long since closed) RMR unit at Eglinton Toll in Glasgow. It teaches you some interesting "life skills" as a 13 -16 year old walking the 2 miles back home in Navy Uniform - and that was back in the good old days when trousers were pressed inside out with their 7 creases - gawd do I feel old :(

I went on to join the TA so I am wondering if the Cadets have an impact on whether we go on to Adult Service; if so, which one we go on to; and whether we go Regular or Reserve.


TS Steadfast, Kingston-Upon-Thames. We were considered to be one the best units in London (as we had pennants for every year going back to to about 1943). We still had the old serge uniform when everyone else had the new-ish one in mid-lat 80s. Still 7 creases when everyone else was fore and aft.
I remember when I was in the Guard for Trafalgar day and had to press my trousers with fore and aft every other week for rehersals. Then I had to press them back for unit parades!!
Good times.
Am now army.


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TS Danae In Chesterfield then transfered to Folkestone Unit when my mum n dad split up. Joined the Signals from Sea Cadets. My younger brother was with me at TS Danae and stayed when parents split - he joined the RAF.

Good skills and life long friends earned.

am back now some 16 years later as an instructor, and love every minute of it.


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ATC - 1083 SQD, RAF Uxbridge. Got to flight Sgt, from the age of 12-17 yrs old.

Oh the shame of admitting that :oops:


In the Bristol (TS Adventure) sea cadets. When? Well maybe this will make Abacus not feel so old! On one Saturday when I was a cadet we took part in a anti - invasion exercise with the Home Guard! :oops:


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I was in Hoylake unit TS Stork SCC, North West area (actually it was in West Kirby though!)

MightyBigEgo said:
We still had the old serge uniform when everyone else had the new-ish one in mid-lat 80s. Still 7 creases when everyone else was fore and aft.

We were the same! I remember being loaned to the Birkenhead unit (TS Blackcap) with a few of my mates to increase their numbers for a big inspection but they had to issue us new trousers on loan without the 7seas/5 oceans creases!

My life was RN full stop! 2 nights a week at SCC, 1 (sometimes 2) night a week RNR (JS(SEA)2) and 2 evenings a week dinghy racing at the local sailing club representing the SCC

Love it I do! (Still)


Going on from my earlier post about serge uniforms, we still had blue fronts...an incredibly itchy blue woolly jumper instead of a white front. We weren't allowed to have a t-shirt underneath and for the first 10 minutes it was excruciating. Do cadets/RN now still have it? As I said before, good times.
I was a Venture Scout myself!

Sea Cadet units do a marvelous job so I'm not knocking them but a word of caution:

Upon joining the Royal Navy one 18yo Snotty at Dartmouth didn't think his views were being taken seriously by his 'Grad' peer group so he stood up, slammed his fist on the table and exclaimed "I WASN'T A CHIEF PETTY OFFICER IN THE SEA CADETS FOR NOTHING YOU KNOW." Once his oppos had stopped laughing and picked themselves up from the deck but couldn't find any shreds of said Snotty's credibility. :wink:


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Quite agree,FS. wprst thing I did when I went to Ganges was mention I was in the Sea Scouts and Cadets. "We only want half-wits here and we'll soon knock that bit out of you as well". Instructors were all bleedin comedians there. Can't understand how, because they didn't have a sense of humour

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