What branch?

Arrrrrr,i be asking a question,i wants to join the Navy,but have a a problem.I lost me left eye in a disagreement with some Brownies over a cup of Bovril,the right ear was bitten off as i "checked out" of my "accomodation" on Dartmoor,the left hand.......................well that was just a mistake,and the right leg...well there i was sat on a trip to Australia and the leg irons were chafing ,so i cut me foot off to stop the chafing and when i jumped overboard,a shark took the rest off.The parrot i am glad to say is sound in Beak and claw,although the Apothacary said he had psittacosis!My question is,what Branch do i apply for?I was thinking if being a PTI.

Yours Yo ho ho illy

L.J Silver (Ba Hons)

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