What branch to be in PT2????


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If you have read my other thread you will know my situation. With all the info that has been passed my way i can say that i am now baffeled about which element of the MA branch to join.

I have been thinking about it and can say that both GS and SM appeal to me as there are elements of me that would enjoy either the boats or surface fleet and getting ready to go through the AACC.

With the good advice i have had before, i was wandering if you could let me know which one would be best to go for in terms of career prospects and enjoyability of the job? advantages and disadvantages please :)

I'm confused :?
There's an old saying in the RN:

"You pick your branch and take your chance"

At the end of the day, no-one can make the decision for you, everyone has his opinion but other peoples opinions shouldn't sway you.

Make your own choice after speaking to the AFCO, or flip a coin, but DON'T make a career decision based on what we tell you here because you will have different experiences in your career and you don't want to spend the next X amount of years blaming someone else :)


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Thats a fair one Lamri,

I was thinking in the lines of not making a judgement on what is available mto read from the AFCO alone as the truth in my experience has been different to the reality of life. I am aware that everyones journey through the andrew is a different one. I just wanted clarity of the reality of both roles.

I think i know deep inside which one i'd like becuse since i was a little nipper i have been facinated by submarines and that was what made me put my name on the list for MA(SM). I was just wandering what the other side of the job is like.

I will definatly take that advice though.

Thanks :D


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Financially you'll be better off on subs.

Also your training will change, you do phase 1 at Raleigh, then Raleigh for the first part of submariner training, then orf to sea on a boat to qualify.

Once qualified as a submariner (about 12 months from joining. Ish.) £5k bounty (before tax) then about £300 per month extra submarine pay thereafter, increasing with rank & seniority.

You then train as a medical assistant. Then back to sea.

Foreign visits are few, but then, when you come back off patrol you have the money to do a bit of globe-trotting yourself. If you do any foreign trips on your boat, you are accommodated in a hotel whilst alongside. Limited communications with home whilst away, but for some that's a good thing!

Your call Lofty!


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OK, another angle:

You'll join up quicker as a submariner, MA(SM) but you'll need to serve 4 years once qualified before you can transfer to General Service, MA(GS) [Serve on grey floaty things or Skimmers/Targets as referred to by sludgemariners] and you'll feel the pinch financially if you leave boats.

You can join as a MA (GS), longer wait but more options & better chance of overseas visits, try for AACC (All Arms Commando Course) and/or volunteer to become a submariner at ANY stage of your career regardless of whether you pass AACC or not.

My advice? Go MA(GS) first, keep your options open.


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Well i have had my holiday and thought about my options in great depth. Spoke to my girlfriends dad who is ex pongo staff sgt. Made my mind up and called my careers advisor for a meeting which was this morning.

I explained my reasons as to why i want to move to the general service list and he seemed ok with it (whch was a shock). Now he has just rang me to let me know on length of time i now have to wait. I am now looking at a start date within Jan and March......2009!!!! :eek:mfg:

O well, in turn i phoned my RNR PSI up and told him that i am ready to become operational fro the next 12months starting in August. So i might be of to some sunny dangerous place as a member of a Ships Protection Team. :relax:

In the mean time i will be busting a gut in the gym with oppos who wanna be booties :director: :strong:

Thats my update on this situation :salut:

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