What branch should I choose?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dannyboy, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. I passed my test yesterday with a pass rate of 96% and have got an interview and medical on Monday.
    I was looking at being an AET but have been told I wont spend much time at sea (which I was looking forward to)
    I have also looked at being a CT which sounds real good. I am good at picking up languages and also quite good with I.T.

    Can anyone tell me which is the better branch in their opinion and what the waiting times are for each one?

    Also is it too late to change my mind seeing as I havn't had my interview yet?

    Don't know if it makes any difference to my questions but I am only 16

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. I don't think 'better' comes into it to be honest.

    Both are, in my opinion, fine branches to aspire to.

    I know little about AET other than the training does have a relatively high failure rate - no doubt due to the high standards required in what is a very skilled and technical job.

    I'm a failed CT from the days when it was only a 'sideways entry' branch, and I will always regret not applying myself more - I'm sure it would have been a role I would have enjoyed more than the one I remained in.

    My choice would be CT, but each to their own. There are many on here who can advise in more depth.

    Though the CTs may have to kill you afterwards.

    Oh, and good luck.
  3. If you can do it I'd say go for AET. If you like the sound of each equally then, by going for the more challenging, you'll find the work more rewarding. What part of being at sea were you looking forward to?
  4. SRT1 - I don't know your background in the Navy (obviously you are currently serving to make such a statement), but why is AET 'more challenging'?

    I may be wrong, but I believe CT has the higher RT requirement.
  5. ^I'm actually starting in October. I'm going in as a MA(SM) but I read that ATE was more technically challenging than CT (evidently it was wrong and, now I've read more I can see that). I wasn't speaking from a standpoint of experience in either job, just from having working jobs that were more and less mentally challenging. Sorry. Danny, disregard my comment.
  6. Look to your future, if you like both branches equally. How long do intend to stay in for? If it is for a career then find out promotion prospects for each branch also which branch will give you the best prospects for a good job in civvie street. There is a lot of living left after your navy life. :wink:
  7. No wonder you found AET challenging you can't spell it correctly
  8. Nicely spotted.
  9. RP's eye for you
  10. My apologies SRT1. You may well be correct about the technical requirements for AET being higher than CT, but technological skills aren't always the be-all end-all. Your chosen branch being a fine example - highly skilled but not 'technical' in the traditional sense.
  11. I want to make the navy my career and do the 22years if I can and I certainly want to go up the ranks.
    The main reason I want to get sea time is I want to see the world and gain experience of life.
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer


    CT's don't spend a huge amount of their career at sea either (and often get forced onto submarines too). Although it normally would be more than WAFU's. Are you looking for something technical or operational?
  13. You might find that the world has shrunk from the good old days, ask some of the youngsters on here :lol:
  14. Simple really.
    If you like getting your hands dirty, go AET.
    If you want to be a shiny arse, go CT.
  15. Hi, just thought I'd let you know I had my interview and medical today and it all went well :D
    Was told I'd done a good interview and had obviously done my homework. The only thing I didn't really know about when asked was phase 3 and task books.

    Got my PJFT on Saturday and was told I should be in the mob by February :D

    Going in as an AET, cant wait, wish it was sooner.
  16. Well done, dont worry them 5 months will fly by!
  17. Wow - thats a quick recruitment process! Wish mine had gone that fast.

    Congrats on passing the interview and medical stages. Good luck for Saturday.

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