What branch should I choose

What branch should I choose?

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Stupid question which will elicit too many answers, none of which will be helpful in your final decision. And haven't you already asked it in other threads?
PNW(tb). If you are joining purely because of Hubby, you are making a mistake. If you are joining because it is something you want to do, do not rely on being based at Faslane, you will spend time at sea, you will go where the navy want you to go, and that will be based on the requirements of the service, it is very possible you will never see Faslane as a draft.

If you want to work, and stay close to your husband, might I suggest you look at the employment opportunities as a civilian in the Helensburgh area (and remember that Faslane employers a lot of civies in wide variety of occupations)
Regardless of branch, you would probably see each other rarely as one of you will have to be in harbour to look after your daughter. You might be better off as a Civvy worker in Faslane, in my opinion.
Is it just me after a few beers or is this attrention seeking bint starting to piss others off as well?.
Its YOUR life make YOUR own decisions as to which branch or what further education to take.
On the topic of education see if you can fine a dilpoma in CDF!!!!!!!!!!!
If there is one thing that pisses me off it is husband and wife combinations, with children, serving togetehr in the RN! Only one of them is at sea at any one time, therefore they get twice as much shore time as everyone else. They dont keep duties when their partners are at sea. You cant employ them for anything outside core hours when their partner is at sea. And the kids see very little of either parent. Oh and every one is supposed to be supportive of their situation. And not forgetting they are both getting full RN wage! :pissedoff:

The best place for any mother is with their child, not in the RN! And certainly not in the RN for me to cover for or feel sorry for.
I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way. I acknowledge leaving pusser 7 years ago, but I had seen that cnut Blair comming and all his PC [email protected]#ocks. Is this thread not 100% confirmation of all that was promised?????.
Yes Iam am on a rant and may well be labelled an oxyegen thief but I did my time and am so glad that I left before all this [email protected]#TE started.
Husbands and Wifes togehter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suppose the kids will be in the pussers cresh still maybe thats a good idea to keep the reggies busy and away from the working lads.


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ProudNavyWife(tooBe) said:
My husbands on bombers and we have a daughter, i need to be in Faslane! what branch would you sugguest? and why?

Just interested to see what people think

28 mins 30 for a mile and a half and a BMI like that- have you thought about the PT branch? :hungry:


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Karma said:
ProudNavyWife(tooBe) said:
i need to be in Faslane!
Don't bother, the service will draft you to where you're needed. Given your criteria the service is wholly inappropriate for you.
I'm in full agreement with Karma to be honest.

Whilst I find it admirable that you want to join the RN as well, there is the slight problem of your other half being in the RN and you having a young child.

It can be tough going in the mob at the best of times and I don't think you'd be able to give it your undivided attention due to your personal circumstances. I hope for your sake and the RN's sake that the CA at your local AFCO points this out to you in terms that you understand.
Even fatties need love you heartless barstewards!!
Steward.....Nah, too tempting with all those pies lying around.
Writer........Nah, you're dyslexic, Pusser can't afford that much WhiteOut.
Storeman...Nah, They want you to count the blankets not lie on 'em all day.
Mine Warfare...they be likkle boats maid.
Me/Wee...Me/Poo more like.
Seaman Spec...can just see you on your hands and knees in No4s..oh god where's the bucket.
Super Bunts...you might need to make a few fast decisions now and again...feel up to it?
There you go, thats that sorted back to the Exercycle for you.
ProudNavyWife(tooBe) said:
My husbands on bombers and we have a daughter, i need to be in Faslane! what branch would you sugguest? and why?

Just interested to see what people think

What you want to do and what your husband is doing are not compatible - don't go there (I speak from 25 years worth of experience) - it is most definitely not in the best interests of your daughter.

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