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Does anyone know what BR lays down the correct procedure for a formal representation to the CO of a unit.

I've tried the normal divisional pocedure as well as a quiet word in peoples ear but to no avail, mostly because we have no divisional system. After 3 years of trying I now feel this is the only option.
Don't you just do it on a standard request form available from the ship's office or UPO?

Knowing the way things have gone you probably have to do it on JPA now.
I was trying to look something up in the Reference Library on RNCom but they seem to be experiencing 'issues' after a recent upgrade, to the extent where they have an apology already posted with details of what info they need when you complain!
Ship's General Orders, Oct 2009 Edition:

0307. Representations and Complaints
a. Policy and procedure for representations and Service complaints is detailed in QRRN Chapter 42, JSP 831 (Redress of Individual Grievances: Service Complaints), JSP 763 (MoD Harassment Complaints Procedures) and PLAGOs Article 0602.
I'm assuming you know the difference between a representation and a complaint - many a time people have threatened to make a representation when what they really mean is submit a complaint.

You need to be aware that the service complaints procedure has undergone a significant transformation in recent times with the introduction of the 'Independant Service Complaints Commissioner'

Service Complaints Commissioner

You may also find the JSP useful:

JSP 831

From experience, having personally got to the stage where my problem was not getting sorted and I had been significantly disadvantaged, I made the decision to make a complaint. I submitted a request form to my DO, 'to see the CO to make a complaint' accompanied by a couple of pages of A4 with full details of the situation. It never got as far as the CO, it was brought to the attention of the HODs and appropriate action was taken to sort out the problem to my satisfaction.


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basically I haven't had a report written on me in 3 years, so raising it through the divisional system hasn't worked. rather than air dirty laundry in public I wanted to raise it to the CO's attention formally. Unfortunatley I'm not the only one thats suffering the same issue, but if I raise it then maybe everything will fall into place again.
I have got all the information on forms and how to fill them in correctly, so thanks for all the help, and I'll let you know the outcome