What Bloody Planet is this Peer On

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Lord Bichard: Retired people could work for pensions
    This idiot now suggests that retired individuals in receipt of state pensions for which they have paid in for their working lives should be cut if they don't do voluntary work. I'll opt for working in the Hose of Lords where this guilt edged pension grabbing bastard sits on his daily attendance fee of a few hundred.
    Politicians.......shoot them all at retirement age that will save the country a packet.
    Rant over....
  2. Have a look at him on wikipedia,the last line of honours and peerage
  3. That was priceless, thanks,
    according to the House of Lords Accounts this man attended the House 14 times in May 2012 and was paid £4300 for those 14 atendances. Like the Wiki honours state, the mans an ********.
    closely followed by the rest of these peers
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  4. Filth like this will be first up against the wall.
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  5. What an unbelievable statement to make, shows the man is a complete ********. As regards state pensions, well after 27 years in the mob, them being contracted out os SERPS etc, I found my state pension reduced by almost £90 a week. Then of what is left, the system then takes 20% in tax. I have a relative of the same age who has hardly ever worked, he has 100% of his rent paid, and still gets a higher state pension. Somewhere the whole pension system needs to be changed. Think I will write to Lord Bickard for a sub, cos it looks like he gets more in a week than I get in a month. Don't you just love these bastards.
  6. It's that word retired he has problems with.
    Usually servants and peasants don't have this privilege.
  7. I think he sat next to me on a bus once, he was licking the window
  8. Down here its known as a reflection.
    Silly bastard.
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  9. Planet Zanussi
  10. If this oik wants to reduce the pressure on the public purse, he could start by stopping people getting attendance allowance for turning up at their place of (well paid)work, and for someone who has worked in the public sector for most of his life he's got no room to pontificate on people living off the state
  11. I see that others must be reading our post as the comment on his honours has been removed. Still i think that the title ******** should be afforded to all our politicians and be displayed on the opening page of their Wikki.
  12. I disagree. Good things (e.g. my fridge) come from Zanussi.

    This piece of faecal matter comes from Uranus.
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  13. In respect for my blood pressure I'm assuming this prats utterings will be treated with the contempt they deserve in all quarters.It would be political suicide for any political party to include this idea in it's manifesto.
  14. I honestly believe that no matter what political hue, politicians do not give a damn whats published in their manifestos. Judging by bliar and the subsequent dumb-dumb brothers. All will promise jam today, and jam tomorrow as long as it gets them elected. After that and the elections are complete its bend over, shafting time, don't you love people who outrightly lie and sell you a porker. At least with second hand car salesmen theres some sort of comeback.
  15. I will not question the Noble Lords parentage but I will most assuredly question said Peers mental capacity in understanding the words Retired, Senior Citizen, Unable, Infirm, Arthritic, Demeted, Altziemerd etc etc etc..............Oh **** it..He,s a stupid out of touch bastid.
  16. All said and done he's not one of your real 'noblesse oblige' aristocratic peers that we seemed to hell-bent on exterminating, merely a jumped-up 'Admiralty-Made' type a la Prescott:

    <<...Michael George Bichard, Baron Bichard, KCB, (born 31 January 1947) is a former public servant in the United Kingdom, first in local and then as a civil servant in central government. He was Director of the Institute for Government, currently serves as one of its first 'fellows' and was Chair of the Design Council. He was a created a life peer on 24 March 2010...Baron Bichard, of Nailsworth in the County of Gloucestershire...

    ...Robert Oxley of the Tax Payers Alliance said "it's a bit rich from a civil servant who was able to retire early to lecture us on working during retirement"...>>

    Michael Bichard, Baron Bichard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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