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What beer do you like?

If your a Guinness aficionado this might take your fancy, it’s a gizmo that’s sits atop a special tin of draught Guinness, I have to cough to a preference for Guinness Original in the bottle so I mightn’t be the best person to pass judgement. The tins carry the logo “Nitro Surge“ and will set you back £2 approx for a pint tin which isn’t too bad compared to the price you would have to stump up in a Battle Cruiser.
The gizmo will set you back around £25 which I would have baulked at, mine came to me as a Father’s Day gift and I’ve only just got around to trying it. Verdict, it’s Ok and looks the part but for me who is still in mourning for the loss of the bottled Guinness that used to have a live yeast culture in it I am afraid it’s just a gimmick.IMG_7586.jpegIMG_7583.jpegIMG_7585.jpeg
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ALL you can drink for £57......

All you can drink for £57 will probably kill you.


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