What beer do you like?


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Arbo ales Bristol , same folks who produce one of my all time favorite beer Faked Alaska , of the four different ales I tried today was one of theirs which was superb , and only 4.2 abv.


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Beer in Devon the last time we were there, still had Cornish pasties home made and wholesome.
No doubt that couple have shuffled off this mortal coil and we are left with big business dictating our needs . Coke-That sort of thing. Coke I remember it was excellent for cleaning chrome. What it's doing to ones insides? Won't bother me. A drop has never passed my lips, so far as I am aware. In my day I am not aware of it being available. It was when I went to Korea.
en route in Japan we regularly fell out with our generous US hosts Having travelled out on Dilwara with the SP journalists brought in for the conflict they and their US opposite numbers doing the same thing seemed never to agree when they arrived. The Officers Club in Kure and or Sasebo saw more US/British warfare than the conflict in Korea ever engendered
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I was on loan to Repton in 1978 when she was manned by Tyne RNR. Newcastle Brown for breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, dinner plus 4 free cans per man per day.