What beer do you like?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dapperdunn, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. I was wondering, what beer do you like? Do you have a favorite? What would be your second favorite?
  2. I like Crabbes Ginger beer
  3. Oh, and Carlsberg export.
  4. Poof
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  5. Its veery nice!

    BTW Wrecks, why are you posting on my thread?
  6. :cool: It's a conspiracy, buggering off now.
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  7. Guinness.

    Always have, always will.
  8. All of it :D
  9. Well it all depends really on location, weather and the mood.
    Hot summers day cold cider
    Hot summers night Cold Guinness or good quality red wine
    None of the above are beer, so Beer good real ales and there are many. Beer festivals great to visit bugger to get home from
    I also like Crabbies but as an occasional drink.
    Prefer not to drink lager types but when all else fails drink larger cold, on some jollies good ale is not an option, Penguin Ale comes to mind, no idea what it was?
    Obviously places like Gib, which was always JC’s
    and the Windies PC's
  10. One of the reasons I like living where I do ( Germany ) is the massive ammount of different beer on offer
    most of it is great.:):)
    Favorite Veltins
  11. FREEEEE! Beer.
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  12. Seeing the question was about beer ... In no particular order:

    Goddards "Scrumdigity"
    Goddards "Ale of Wight"
    Goddards "Fugglededum"
    Marsdens "Old Speckled Hen"
    Ringwood "Boondoggle"
    Ringwood "Old Thumper"
    Sharps "Doom Bar"
    Skinners "Cornish Cruncher"
    Badgers "Firsty Ferret"
    Badgers "Hoppin Hare"
    Greene King "Abbots Ale"
    Taylors "Landlord"
    Leffe "Blonde"

    If you want to include wines ... has to be Frog and depending on the time of day and temperature
    Sauvignon Blanc (Touraine, Sanserre, Chablis)
    Muscadet ser Mer
    Cabernet Sauvignon (Burgundy)
    Rose d'Loire

    probably loads I've missed that I've sampled and like but these are the normal ones!
  13. One has to take account of the lady you are trying to impress, after 8 – 10 pints of Purple Parachutes, you get what you get, hang on a mo that’s when I met my misses, she was still there when I was sobered up, she got me when my guard was at its lowest, sneaky female.
  14. Theakston’s old peculiar
  15. Had a great pint of Theakstons last night. Hobgoblin or any ale above 5%.
  16. As a serious reponse.

    Doom Bar
    Jail Ale (I had a few too many of those last night)
    Cornish Coaster

    Or if it's hot and I'm loafing in the garden

    Becks or Grolsch
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Old Speckled Hen
    London Pride
    Doom Bar
    Beer basically.

    Also the dark Leffe that tastes like it's been strained through a tramps socks. I like that bad boy. And bottles of Becks. Quite partial to that.
  18. Carling
    Strong bow
    Greene King IPA
    People who know me will also point out I like the occasional bottle (or two) of white wine
  19. That'll be Leffe Radieuse 8.2 or Leffe Triple 8.5 and theres a new one Leffe Royale at 7.2! ... Sorry went to France a couple of weeks ago and fell into a Leffe well! hic!
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