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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by itsamuppet, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Anyone help me out. On a recent trip to Pompey I took the opportunity to pop into Slops and get some new 4's shirts and branch badges. When I asked for the GSSR branch badges they looked at me blank and offered me the new SEA warfare badge.

    Have we decided what badge GSSR is to wear, and if not surely it would make sense for us to adopt the Regulars way of all the warfare branches having the same badge with the initials underneath.
  2. I would guess it's most likely that they didn't have a clue what a GSSR is!! Because it's got the word Seaman in there hence the offer of SEA badges
  3. From what I've heard - and I've never seen this in writing mind you - we are supposed to wear the same badge as the loggies, i.e. the ship stuck in a massive spiderweb.

    I've refused to change my old pin & shackle for the following reasons

    1. We've never officially been told what the new badge is.
    2. There are no (as far as I'm aware) starred versions so everyone looks like an AB2, (Not being arsey but I had to work - relatively - hard for my AB1 and I'd like to be recognised as one) and
    3. Because I don't want to be mistaken for a Loggie :rofl: (Cue Jesse)
  4. There is a new scheme in the RN - you wear whatever badge you like!

    I have just completed a RN professional course where, on passing out parade, the following badges were on display:


    All the wearers admitted that they had been re-badged years ago but were f*cked if they were gonna wear the current "Warfare" badge with loads of letters under it. Mind you, there was one bloke who was prepared to admit to being a Leading Seaman(Logistician)(Personnel)(Submarine) but only 'cos he knew that the database couldn't cope with it. I think he used to be a Writer.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Try wearing no badge.

    You'll either be mistaken for a Tiff or some clown with nothing better to do will tell you, "in no uncertain terms" precisely what badge you should be wearing.

    Saves the hassle of having to ask.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Precisely why my Nos 1s still have the Bunting's badges, and as I've now resigned will continue to do so until the moths finally have had their fill!
  7. So if its the loggies badge, and there is no starred version,(Although I have seen a self modified version on a certain LS Logs arm) is there a crowned version for PO's. If not I think I'll have a look at what looks the prettiest or steelest and wear that. Or stick with my old crushed beetle
  8. Mornin itsamuppet,
    Are you aware of the Ops afloat badge(or something like that). It is apparently the GSSR and Logs badge according to an aged loggie at my unit. Its a front view of a ship with a what looks like a spiders web over it, and in my opinion, looks a complete bag of shite. I would stick with your old crushed beetle & wear it with pride. I occasionally hear various buzzes about a GSSR badge but nothing has ever been said to me officially. I would welcome a comment from someone in the know.
  9. itsamuppet - Is this the badge you mean or has it been replaced by a different one now?


    I still prefer the crushed cockroach but I suppose it's a bit anachonistic these days. Can you provide a piccie for comparison?
  10. Actually there is only one branch badge for all members of the RNR, and that is the 'ship on a radar screen' thing. Personally I don't object to it because MTO haven't really got a badge as such, and I suppose any badge is better than no badge.

    This is just another idea that has been pushed through by some twit with lots of rings on his sleeves before he's really thought it out properly.
  11. Makes all this talk about getting rid of the RNR flashes a bit of a nonsense though - you'll still be recognised as RNR by the presence of the RNR specific "ship on Spiderweb".

    What the (Sea) Lord giveth, the (Sea) Lord taketh away!! :nike:

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